States Not Rolling Over For Biden Gun Control Plan

States Not Rolling Over For Biden Gun Control Plan
(AP Photo/Steven Senne)

President Joe Biden has announced his intention to come after our guns. Sure, it’s been walked back a bit, but we all know it’s still coming. While we all know politicians lie, there are some things you’re better off taking their word on. If they campaign on taking your rights away, then you should probably believe them.


And that’s precisely what Biden did.

While many are digging in for the inevitable fight in Congress, some states are getting ready to fight in their own way.

While the Biden administration and the Democrat-controlled legislature are putting forth their gun control agendas, states are passing legislation that provides more choice for gun owners, regardless of what happens federally. These include permitless carry legislation and declarations of sanctuary state and county status.

But while these moves are evident in DC, Utah and Montana just joined 16 other states that have abolished the requirement for a permit to carry a concealed firearm, also known as Constitutional Carry. Not-so-coincidentally, these 18 states are the safest in the country. Studies have long indicated that concealed carry permit holders are the most law-abiding of population segments, even more so than law enforcement. But it doesn’t appear that the permit is what made permit-holders so law-abiding. States that have had Constitutional Carry for years or decades have remained on the list of safest states.

Further, some states are declaring themselves Second Amendment Sanctuary States, so that eventual federal gun laws won’t apply to the citizens of that state. Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently made such a declaration, and there are so many counties across the country whose officials have declared them sanctuary counties that there is an entire website dedicated to listing them.

Pro-gun state governments have little recourse over what happens in the halls of Congress. Sure, they can file lawsuits when everything is said and done, but that will only go so far. Plus, there’s always a chance legal challenges won’t go anywhere, thus meaning we’re saddled with these draconian restrictions anyway.


But by expanding gun rights at the state level, they’re at least making it clear that not everyone is on board with gun control, something the media is very likely to try to ignore otherwise.

At the end of the day, this is what they can do.

Of course, this is a fight every gun owner should join, but save some energy for the Congressional battles to come. This one is going to be ugly, too, and while we may not be victorious in all of these coming battles, we can at least understand that not everyone is on board with what Biden wants.

Plus, people can carry without a permit in a growing number of states, which is sure to infuriate the current administration. Frankly, that’s a hell of a reason to pass constitutional carry all on its own if you ask me, but then there are the huge benefits to be derived from an armed populace, and that’s all kinds of win on its own, too.

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