NRA Warns Of Fraudulent Bill Titles In Florida Legislature

AP Photo/Lisa Marie Pane

Elected officials sometimes like to try and get clever with their bill names. They try to work out names, they’ll break it down so as to make some degree of sense.


But not every official makes that effort, which is fine. After all, I actually prefer a straightforward name that’s easy to understand.

However, that doesn’t happen when someone puts a misnomer in the bill title, which is what’s apparently happening in Florida.

Deception and fraud is alive and well among Democrats in the Florida Senate.

At least one anti-gun Senator is blatantly engaging in out-right fraud by filing a massive unconstitutional gun control bill with a fake title.

It doesn’t get much more brazen and deceitful than what Florida Senator Linda Stewart (D) just did. She filed a gun control bill titled “GUN SAFETY” but it is really a bill to ban “Assault Weapons and Magazines”.

SB-1464 – Gun Safety – 2021 by Sen. Linda Stewart (D) has a fraudulent title attempting to hide the real intent.

Even two of most anti-gun Florida legislators (including the Senate Minority Leader) had enough integrity to title their bills with titles that correctly signal the intent. Both also filed bills to ban “Assault Weapons and Magazines.”


In fairness, Stewart probably thinks her bill is somehow about gun safety.

It’s not, but she likely believes it is.

And that’s on the media for allowing the anti-gun left to push this idea that “gun safety” actually meant restricting firearms for any reason. It’s not. It’s an assault on the English language, instead.

See, restricting firearms doesn’t make anyone safer. Criminals will still obtain these weapons if they want them. They’ll still use them if they want to. It will accomplish absolutely nothing if it were to pass.

Of course, it’s not going to. This is Florida, and while they passed a flurry of anti-gun bills right after Parkland, those days are over and no one except the anti-gunners is interested in reliving them. Stewart knows this.

However, also understand that this is a political ploy. She knows she can lash out at the opposition for failing to pass her “gun safety” bill, knowing full well that if it were really about firearm safety, it might have done better in the legislature. Then she can campaign on how evil Republicans aren’t interested in gun safety.


Luckily, everyone knows that when an anti-gunner talks about “gun safety,” they’re talking about some manner of gun control. It might play well with her constituents, but it won’t accomplish anything much beyond those regions.

For what it’s worth, I agree with Marion Hammer, who penned the above-quoted NRA alert. While I do think Stewart believes her bill is about gun safety, she’s trying to confuse the issue for political gain. She introduced a bill with a vague name either in hopes of her fellow lawmakers being too stupid to read it or listen to their constituents who did or she used the bill title to try to gain some political capital for later.

Either way, it’s not a good-faith effort to pass laws and she should be ashamed.

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