Oklahoma Bill Seeks To Make State Second Amendment Sanctuary

Second Amendment sanctuary counties are great things. I love the idea of counties, particularly in blue states, that are trying to protect people’s Second Amendment rights. It’s a glorious thing.


But there’s something even better than Second Amendment sanctuary counties, and that’s entire states that become sanctuaries. After all, no one lives their entire life never leaving their county. States that recognize the sanctity of our constitutionally-protected gun rights are a beautiful thing to behold.

And now a bill’s been filed in one state to bring them into that fold.

An Oklahoma State Senator filed legislation Tuesday that would nullify any gun controls which exceed the level of measures already in place in the state.

The legislation, Senate Bill 631, is sponsored by State Sen. Warren Hamilton (R).

Hamilton told 4 NBC his bill “states that the gun laws as they exist today are as restrictive as they’re ever going to be, and that they cannot be added to.”

He continued, “No governmental agency has the Constitutional authority to restrict magazines, ammunition, modern sporting rifles or AR pistols. This bill is simply a red line that clearly defines the limits of governmental authority regarding our unalienable, God-given, blood-bought, constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms.”


Not gonna lie, I like it.

It’s not quite as much of a warning as a Missouri county’s proposed law, to be sure, but it’s still a good, positive step. It’s a step that every state that considers itself to be pro-gun should at least consider.

After all, the left started this whole thing. They’re the ones who thumbed their noses at marijuana and immigration laws in the first place. If states and communities can ignore those measures, then just why can’t states and communities now opt to ignore blatantly unconstitutional gun laws?

Hamilton’s bill is probably about the best you can really expect. It doesn’t make a claim on the constitutionality of laws, which is something anti-gunners try to use to undermine many sanctuary measures. After all, they argue, it’s up to the courts to determine the constitutionality of a law, not anyone else.

Which is funny because they declare the constitutionality of gun control all the damn time, and they’re not citing Heller when they do it.

Regardless, providing state-wide sanctuaries is a good move for gun rights if for no other reason that people know precisely where their rights are respected in totality. More than that, it sends a clear message to Washington that the states don’t approve of the anti-gun shenanigans the Biden administration has promised.


We want no part of that.

While we have representation in Congress, there’s only so far that can go right now. Make it clear that laws passed will be ignored in a majority of the states, though, and you’ve got something just a tad different. You’ve got a unified stand that warns the feds that their reach really only goes so far.

Our Founding Fathers would look at such an act and smile. I’m quite sure they would approve.


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