Florida Lawmaker Files Measure To Oppose Biden Gun Control

AP Photo/Andrew Selsky

It’s not necessary to point out that President Joe Biden is going to try and push through some degree of gun control. Of course, I just did it anyway, but I also know that I’m not breaking news there to any of our readers. You already know that Biden is going to try and restrict your gun rights to some degree.


What’s left to decide is just how we’re going to resist those efforts.

Some states are looking at sanctuary measures. Others are trying something different.

Rep. Jason Shoaf has filed a House Memorial to formally reject President Joe Biden’s efforts on gun control.

The legislation (HM 1301) voices the Legislature’s stance against Biden’s gun control proposals, calling the measures “unconstitutional.” The memorial goes on to communicate the Legislature’s intent to use “all lawful means necessary to resist and overturn any federal gun-control measures that violate the right of Floridians to keep and bear arms.”

“The Second Amendment is a right and freedom on which our nation was founded. The President’s proposed restrictions violate our U.S. Constitution,” Shoaf said in a news release. “What’s more, these actions limit our ability to keep our families safe.”

While addressed to the President, the memorial does not list any specific measures by Biden or Congress in regard to gun control, instead referring to anticipated proposals. The memorial rejects any proposals “forthcoming at the federal level to restrict the right to keep and bear arms.”

“The President of the United States has made it abundantly clear that he intends to pressure Congress to not only restrict the lawful procurement and possession of firearms, but also to ban many firearms commonly used for self-defense or other lawful actions such as hunting, competition and target shooting,” Shoaf said.


For those who don’t live in Florida or who don’t follow Florida politics, a House Memorial is kind of like an open letter to a party, such as Congress, voted on by the legislature. It’s official, but it doesn’t carry the weight of law.

However, it does serve as a good reminder to Florida’s congressional delegation.

What this isn’t, though, is a sanctuary law. While I could see Florida potentially passing such a measure, that’s not what this is, and that’s a damn shame.

While I’m sure anti-gunners in the state are freaking out about how this is the most horrible thing ever, I’m sitting here shrugging at the measure. While it may serve as a reminder to the state’s congressional delegation, I’m pretty sure they already know which side their bread is buttered on. Those from conservative districts know that voting for gun control will kill their career. Meanwhile, those from liberal districts simply won’t care what the Memorial has to say.

In other words, it’s likely an empty gesture.

Still, if enough people do such things, someone might get the hint that their efforts to restrict our gun rights will not be met with thunderous applause throughout much of the nation.


Then again, I’m not sure they actually care.


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