GOP Rep. Offers Pro-Gun Amendments For Background Check Bill

GOP Rep. Offers Pro-Gun Amendments For Background Check Bill
AP Photo/Keith Srakocic

Not every state treats guns the same way. They don’t treat gun owners the same way, either.

For anti-gunners, that’s a problem. They want everyone to be treated kind of like California treats gun owners, only not quite so well.


“But California doesn’t treat gun owners well.” Yeah, that’s the joke.

Anywho, a Republican lawmaker (ironically enough, from California) has offered up amendments for HR 1446, the bill that extends the amount of time the federal government can drag their feet on a background check before a seller can assume it’s passed, that kind of take that bill in a different direction entirely.

Congressman Doug LaMalfa announced he has submitted changes to Democrats’ gun control bill, H.R. 1446.

He says these amendments would expand Second Amendment protections instead of restricting them.

LaMalfa tells Action News Now this amendment would make it so Americans can buy firearms, ammunition, and other accessories in any state, territory, or district in the country.

“I feel like as a Californian, if I want to buy a gun in Texas and ammunition in Utah, I should have the right to do that… and if I do, then bring it back home,” he added.

LaMalfa added the amendment would allow Americans to take any legally purchased firearm from the state it was bought in, to another state, and it would then be legal in that state.


Now, these amendments probably don’t have a hope in hell of making it into the final bill, but I think Democrats are stupid not to at least consider it.

They want to close the so-called “Charleston loophole.” They’re desperate to close it. HR 1446 extends the wait time from three days to 10. It doesn’t put an end to the limit.

If you couple that with a number of measures that ultimately expand gun rights in other directions–namely the ability to purchase firearms in all 50 states and they be allowable in your home state, then that might make it easier for Senate Republicans to justify supporting the bill rather than killing it with a filibuster.

After all, it doesn’t end the limit, it just extends things.

This would embody the compromise on guns that Democrats have been calling for over the years. They get what they want, we get something we want, everyone wins, right?

Except, they don’t want compromise. They are willing to take a little less than they want, but that’s as close to compromise as the gun control crowd is ever willing to go. Anything that expands gun rights is automatically evil and can’t be allowed while anything they do to erode those rights is good and just and if you don’t support it then you just want dead kids. That’s precisely how they seem to think.


Meanwhile, LaMalfa’s amendments could make a bill that’s a non-starter for pretty much all of us into something that we’d at least be willing to have a conversation about.

The fact that this likely won’t fly is all the reason in the world to know that their use of the term “compromise” really just means for us to sit down, shut up, and let them do whatever they want.


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