Matt Gaetz Makes Stand For Lauren Boebert

Saul Loeb/Pool via AP

Rep. Lauren Boebert is a contradiction to progressives. She’s a vehemently pro-gun conservative woman. In their mind, women belong on the Democratic plantation along with minorities. They shouldn’t be going anywhere except to vote Democrat, and yet, Boebert is unapologetically uninterested in playing those games.


As a result, she’s received a whole lot of hate directed toward her, hate that conservative men won’t get. That’s because it’s fine for a straight white male to be Republican, but anyone outside of that? No dice.

That hate prompted Rep. Matt Gaetz to stand up and say something.

“Republican women in Congress get it way worse than the men because of the identity politics and they [Democrats] assume that if you’re a mom in regular America, you ought to be with them,” Gaetz said in an interview with Real America’s Voice, Fox News reported.

“So when they see someone [Boebert] who is a firebrand, who is a spark plug, who is a jolt of energy that we need in the Republican caucus, they come after her specifically,” he added.

The lawmaker slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s order in January to install magnetometers at each entrance to the House chamber after the Capitol riot.

Pelosi (D-Calif.) said lawmakers were concerned about colleagues “being a danger” to one another, adding that “the enemy is within the House of Representatives.”

Asked what she meant with her comment, Pelosi said: “It means that we have members of Congress who want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of Congress.”


In other words, Boebert represents a threat to their preferred order, one in which women side with Democrats, minorities side with Democrats, and everyone tries to gang up on whoever is left in an attempt to disarm them.

Someone like Boebert proves that no all women side with their agenda. She undermines the rhetoric about guns being just for straight white males. She wrecks pretty much every pretense about who supports the Second Amendment.

And yeah, Pelosi’s claims are about Boebert, and they’re ridiculous. Boebert has been very clear that she carries her gun to protect herself outside of the Congressional chambers. She’s just going to carry everywhere else because it’s not like she has a good place to secure her firearm between the chamber and her office or car.

Pelosi, however, decided to spin this yarn about how Boebert has threatened other members of Congress. Then again, if you’re that hoplophobic, merely having a gun feels like a threat, which is likely what we’re talking about here.

Boebert was going to get a lot of hate, anyway. Which, to be fair, is why she would be stupid not to carry her firearm. Boebert is not stupid, though.


Good for Gaetz standing up for Boebert. No, she doesn’t exactly need it, but he did it anyway. There needs to be more of that kind of thing because we already know the other side isn’t necessarily going to play nice. It’s good to know folks have your back when you’re standing for what you know to be right.


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