Gun Control Groups Seize On Atlanta Shooting To Advance Agenda

AP Photo/Keith Srakocic

Gun control bills have passed the House. Now, they sit in the Senate where most figure they’ll languish and eventually die. Sure, Democrats have a functional majority with Vice President Kamala Harris holding the tie-breaking vote, but it’s not enough to override the filibuster.


However, we also just had a mass shooting in Atlanta.

Unsurprisingly, anti-gun groups have latched onto that as a way to try and pressure the Senate into passing these bills.

Gun control groups are urging the Senate to pass Democrats’ gun bills after mass shootings at Atlanta-area spas left eight dead.

Advocates for stricter gun laws want Congress to prioritize Democratic-led bills that would expand background checks on gun sales, prevent domestic abusers from owning firearms and ban assault weapons. They’ve also called attention to the recent spike in violent crimes against Asian Americans. Six of Tuesday’s shooting victims were women of Asian descent, according to local authorities.

“As facts continue coming in, it is clear that guns are too often weaponized as a tool of hate. This must end,” gun control group Giffords said in a tweet Wednesday.

Gun control groups have their eyes on the Senate, which is set to take up a pair of gun bills passed by the House last week. Democrats’ H.R. 8, which drew eight Republican supporters, would require background checks on private gun sales. The other bill, which passed with two Republican votes, would give authorities 10 days to run background checks before a gun sale can be completed. Under current law, if background checks are not done within three days, the sale may proceed.

House Democrats were also expected to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act Wednesday, which is opposed by the National Rifle Association over a provision that prevents convicted domestic abusers from owning firearms.


Which, of course, is a misstatement. What the bill does is expand who is considered a domestic abuser to include those who don’t cohabitate with their partners. That’s because it’s too easy for anyone to claim they’re dating someone else, so while assault is easy enough to prove, claims that they were going out at the time are far more difficult.

Hell, I had a girl claim we were dating back in high school when nothing could have been further from the truth.

It’s unsurprising that anti-gunners have seized on Atlanta to try and push their agenda. They have a long and storied history of doing just that, of building a soapbox out of the bodies of the slain. Especially before the facts are in.

For example, they continue to pretend any of the bills in the Senate would have made some kind of impact in Atlanta, but the truth of the matter is that we know no such thing. It’s unlikely any of those measures would have done a blasted thing.

Further, Giffords is still trying to advance the now disproven claim that this was racially motivated. It wasn’t. The guy was apparently blowing money going to “massage parlors” to get his rocks off and resented it, so he decided to end the trade all by his lonesome. In other words, he was cracked, but there’s no evidence at this time that there was any way he couldn’t have legally bought a gun.


Yet Giffords comment on Twitter is clear. It’s not about a few guns or a couple of “common-sense reforms.” It’s about guns in their entirety. They’re coming for all of them.


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