Polytechnique Victims' Families Blast Trudeau

Polytechnique Victims' Families Blast Trudeau
AP Photo/Aaron Favila

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just can’t win. In the process, he’s shown us just how little you can appease anti-gun advocates, especially ones who feel empowered because of their victimhood.

See, Trudeau has done something that never would have flown in the United States. He’s basically banned all so-called assault weapons. This is something anti-gunners here in the States have been salivating over for decades. The closest they’ve gotten was the 1994 ban which really didn’t ban much of anything.

But Trudeau did.

And, it seems, it wasn’t nearly enough.

Friends and family members of the women killed in the ÉcolePolytechnique massacre are accusing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of “abandoning” and “betraying” victims of firearms violence with his government’s new gun control bill.

In a scathing letter addressed to Trudeau, those close to the victims call on the PM to revise Bill C-21 from top to bottom.

The tone of the letter, obtained by Radio Canada, is very harsh.

“We are writing to express our anger with respect to the dismal Bill C-21,” it reads.

The letter accuses the Liberal government of hypocrisy and says the bill — which was at second reading stage in the House of Commons as of Feb. 26 — falls short because it doesn’t include a mandatory buyback program for the assault-style firearms the government prohibited last May.

Those who signed the letter accuse the Liberal government of hypocrisy.

“While you and your government may be able to deceive a large segment of the population with empty talking points and catchy slogans, you cannot fool the families and survivors who have been fighting for gun control for over thirty years,” the letter reads.

Ya gotta hate it.

Except, well, I don’t. I don’t hate to see it in the least little bit. In fact, we should have expected to see this. After all, while pro-gun folks are expected to compromise, anti-gunners get to use their righteousness as a shield against any such demands.

In fairness to Trudeau–and oh how I hate to be fair to the man–he did try to include a buyback. It didn’t work out. Just demanding a mandatory buyback doesn’t work. There are logistics involved in such a thing. You can’t just will it into existence.

But for the righteously angry, none of that matters. They want it and they won’t settle for anything else. They don’t have to compromise. They don’t get called on their inability to compromise. They just lash out because they didn’t get everything they wanted.

Seriously, if the NRA did this, the media would put them on blast non-stop for a month, and well all know it.

The problem here is that gun control advocates aren’t interested in anything but everything. By that, I mean they don’t want partial measures. They aren’t satisfied with moving the needle in their direction just a bit. They demand it all and anything less is unsatisfactory. Trudeau thought he could deliver enough to make them happy, but they’ll never be happy and we all know it.

Trudeau just can’t win, but he shouldn’t have been trying to play in the first place.


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