Communities Making It Easier For Crooks To Dispose Of Guns

Communities Making It Easier For Crooks To Dispose Of Guns
(AP Photo/Lisa Marie Pane)

If you shoot someone, the last thing you want is for that gun to be found on your person. After all, ballistics can link you to a crime and you can do hard time. Without that, it might just be impossible to successfully tie you to the crime.

Historically, large bodies of water were favorite places to dump firearms, but now some communities are looking out for their local criminal population. They’re providing an alternative.

For example, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Saturday, April 3 is Gun Amnesty Day. From 10 am to 12 pm, Lincoln residents can pick up trigger locks and handgun lock boxes at the LPD Center Team Station, 1501 N 27th St.

Residents are also welcome to drop off unused firearms or ammo. No compensation will be provided for any drop-offs and you do not need to drop off items in order to get a gun lockbox.

Of course, this is no questions asked, which may encourage some to drop off guns, but will also make it far, far easier for criminals to dump their weapons.

I’m just curious how many of these weapons will turn out to be stolen, or even if the Lincoln Police Department will look before destroying them–what they’re advertising is the plan.

It’s not just Lincoln doing this, either.

In my home town of Albany, Georgia, though, they’re at least doing a traditional buyback.

The Albany Police Department is doing something they haven’t done in several years.

APD will be hosting a gun buyback program Thursday.

To keep from deterring certain people away, this will be done with no questions asked and people don’t have to provide identification

Officials with the police department say they may not be able to target everyone, but any weapon off the street is one less in the hands of a criminal.

It should be noted that study after study has shown that buybacks by themselves accomplish nothing. The only study that suggests they might argued they worked when paired with other strategies, but failed to show whether those other strategies wouldn’t have worked just as well on their own.

What does happen, though, is that criminals have a worry-free way of disposing of a firearm.

“But isn’t what the police said they wanted?”

Sure. Except is stupid to think that would somehow disarm them entirely. They got that gun without too much of a problem. No one should think they can’t get another one.

Like so many places, Albany is seeing a lot of homicides. Yet I spoke with a police officer not that long ago and she told me that most were gang-related. Do you think gang members are going to walk around unarmed while opposing gang members are still carrying?

Honestly, if anyone believes that, I’ve got a bridge to sell them.

And Albany isn’t unique. When you look at this violence, much of it is gang-related. It’s criminals shooting other criminals. It’s not unwanted guns getting up and murdering people for no reason.

So what is a buyback going to accomplish?

Precisely nothing, just like every other buyback in the history of mankind. But, the criminals will be sure to thank the police for taking the incriminating evidence off their hands in such a way it can’t be used against them later.


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