ATF New York Mocks Gun Owners With Tweet Depicting Stuffed Dog

(AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

If the ATF shows up at your house and you’re a dog owner, well…you were a dog owner.

We all know that the ATF is notorious for shooting dogs, even dogs that represent no real threat to the officers in question. Hell, there’s absolutely no way the ATF isn’t aware of that reputation, either. They spend too much time sniffing around the gun culture to be unaware of their reputation.


Which is why this tweet pissed me off so badly.

That’s right. You can buy a stuffed dog from the ATF.

I’m sure that’s consolation to the numerous Americans who have had their dogs shot by federal agents over the years. They can just get a stuffed dog to replace Fido.

Of course, I have questions.

For example, does the dog have a bull’s eye on it?

See, I don’t fault the ATF for having a store. I don’t see why anyone would buy anything from there except to cosplay as an ATF agent, but whatever.

What I have a problem with is them outright mocking the people whose pets they killed with this. It would be bad enough if the toy had been in the store all on its own, but no, they used it in their marketing materials. How else can anyone see this other than as mockery?

The truth is that the ATF doesn’t feel any need to maintain a respectful relationship with the community it polices. Especially now that Dave Chipman has been chosen to helm the agency. There are enough photos of him mugging it up with the aftermath of Waco to suggest not only is he unlikely to curb this kind of behavior, but may well encourage it.


The irony is that the ATF could have opted to work with the gun community. They could have taken a cooperative approach with gun owners from the start and maybe gotten more support in finding any bad apples that were around.

Instead, it’s an agency of arrogance that believes it’s above the American people.

Rather than recognize that they ultimately answer to the citizens of the United States, they opt to mock people who could have been a great asset to them.

For the record, they also sell dog collars at the site. Just how long until they kill a dog wearing an ATF collar? Just how is that going to look?

Of course, they don’t care. They’re not here for you or me. They only care that their overlords in Washington are happy, and since those overlords are bureaucrats who aren’t answerable to the American people, apparently, we’re likely to see them find new and interesting ways to mock gun owners.

As for now, I kind of wonder how many gun owners are going to get the ATF dogs to use as target practice. They shoot our dogs, we shoot theirs. It only seems fair.

Just, if you do, don’t post it on social media. While I’d find it amusing, I’m pretty sure the Zuckerbots and Twitteratti would say it constitutes a threat to ATF agents.



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