When Anti-Gunners Say The Quiet Part Out Loud

When Anti-Gunners Say The Quiet Part Out Loud
Daniel6D / Pixabay

“No one wants to take your guns,” they told us.

“We respect the Second Amendment,” they said. “We just want to enact a few ‘common-sense’ measures to keep us all safe.”

Over and over again, anti-gunners have argued that any effort to paint them as being actually anti-gun were paranoid delusions from the minds of gun owners. This is important, of course, because if they can convince people the opposition is crazy, then they can dismiss any argument they wish right from the start.

Yet every now and then, one of them screws up and says the quiet parts out loud.

It’s even better when they do it in print.

You can keep your cheesy thoughts and prayers, they don’t seem to be working very well.

And, you can stow your crocodile tears, we all know they are fake.

It’s time to effectively do something about gun control in the United States.

Not tomorrow, not down the line after yet another mass shooting occurs, I am talking about now. Right now.

The other day the president issued an executive order that is intended to establish stricter rules for certain types of guns, tighten down background checks, and add substantive support to local violence prevention techniques and regulations.

The 2nd Amendment freaks will run screaming into the night about how it is yet another attempt to seize their precious guns.

Hopefully, this time, they are right.

Maybe it is time to come get the guns.

Of course, not only does the writer “know” that any tears we shed over lost human lives are fake, he’s praying that this time, they really are coming for our guns.

See, there’s nothing approaching good faith in this screed. It starts from a position that we’re lying and goes downhill from there, but at least the author is honest enough to admit that he really hopes the government comes for our guns.

Never mind the dire warnings that have been issued in the past of what happens should that be attempted. He doesn’t care. He won’t be the first guy in the stack to breach the door. That’ll be for someone else to do, so screw that guy, am I right?

No, this time, this one person said what so many others on the gun control side are thinking.

Most just have enough sense to pretend otherwise. They’re taking an incremental approach where they can simply because they know it’s the only way they’re ever going to get where they want to go.

They just don’t like it when people like this say the quiet parts out loud.

Of course, they shouldn’t be so hard on the guy. We already knew. We knew from the way you couldn’t tell us what gun control measures you’d oppose short of a total ban. That’s easy to say is a bad idea. We didn’t believe you, of course, but the fact that you couldn’t point to any measure short of a gun ban to tell us where the line should be drawn told us all we needed to know.

Yeah, he said the quiet part out loud, but we all knew he was just saying what the rest of you were thinking.

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