Iowa Gun Grabbers Hold Rally To Oppose Permitless Carry

MikeGunner / Pixabay

The state of Iowa recently became one of the latest states to pass permitless carry, also called constitutional carry. It was a great day for gun owners in the state.


However, not everyone was thrilled with the notion of permitless carry.

Anti-gunners in the state are livid that people might be able to exercise their constitutionally-protected rights without asking “Mother may I?” of the government. Now, they’re using a different constitutionally-protected right to make sure they’re heard.

A gun control advocacy group is denouncing new Iowa gun legislation.

The gun reform group, March For Our Lives, held a rally at the Iowa Statehouse Thursday.

I wish the media would stop calling them “gun reform” groups. They’re gun control groups. Stop trying to help them hide their true mission, will ya?

Anyway, moving on…

They’re concerned about the ease of access created by the bill Gov. Kim Reynolds signed into law just a few weeks ago. It allows people to buy and carry handguns in Iowa without a permit.

Supporters of the new law call it “constitutional carry,” while opponents like March For Our Lives organizers say it could put guns in the hands of dangerous people.

No, it doesn’t.

Constitutional carry doesn’t change anything at all about the way firearms are obtained in any state that’s passed it. It simply eliminates the need for a permit for law-abiding citizens. That’s literally all it does.


It doesn’t grant permission for felons who can’t even legally own a gun to carry one, for example, and it doesn’t negate a background check for people buying guns in Iowa from licensed dealers. It doesn’t change any of that.

Further, what we haven’t seen in the other states that have passed it are increases in violent crime or decreased safety to law enforcement. They’re all managing just fine without the requirement for a permit.

But the March For Our Lives crowd would rather you not look too deeply into this.

Apparently, so would the local media in Iowa, who saw no issue in providing the group a platform, but didn’t bother to try and reach anyone from the other side of the debate to provide a counterbalance.

Luckily, I’m here for all your anti-gun smackdown needs. I’m sure you feel fortunate.

Please stop laughing.

Anyway, this idiotic line of reasoning is just one example of why I can’t take March For Our Lives seriously. The idea that not requiring a permit to carry a gun will somehow change the laws to negate federally mandated background checks at licensed gun dealers is stupid. What’s more, they know that’s not the case. They’re just hoping that people watching the news won’t get that.


They’re trying to trick people into supporting them.

Well, unfortunately for them, the law is a done deal. It’s been passed and signed, so unless they can show how it makes Iowa less safe come next legislative session–something they actually won’t be able to do–then they’re just going to have to learn to live with disappointment.

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