Salon Opts To Publish Total Lie On Gun Shows

(AP Photo/The Express-Times, Matt Smith)

Gun shows are an important part of the gun world. Even if people don’t buy guns there, it’s an opportunity to handle firearms your local store might not normally stock. It’s a great time to window shop, if nothing else, and they sell enough guns to others to make it worth their while. Otherwise, gun shows wouldn’t exist.

However, gun shows have been under fire for years. People who have never attended such a show have blatantly misrepresented what happens at these shows.

Among those who have done so is President Biden.

Now, that lie is being repeated by Salon. The story they wrote is about the Second Amendment sanctuary movement, which I don’t feel like getting into right now.

But what set me off was this paragraph:

To this point, it’s clear that these resolutions aim to combat what gun rights enthusiasts would consider “infringements” on the right to bear arms. Examples might include universal background checks as a requirement for all gun sales, a ban on assault and automatic firearms, a ban on gun shows (which allow purchasers to skirt federal background checks) or the enactment of “red flag” laws, which allow family members and law enforcement to challenge a person’s right to own a gun if they appear to pose a danger to themselves or their communities.

Well, the left sure does love their fact-checking, so now it’s time for a taste of their own medicine.

Gun shows do not allow purchasers to skirt federal background check laws.

There is no gun show loophole.

The vast majority of firearms sold at gun shows are sold by licensed dealers. By law, they’re required to conduct a NICS background check for each sale, regardless of whether they’re in a gun store or a gun show.

Occasionally, private parties who aren’t gun dealers will sell firearms at gun shows. These individuals aren’t required to conduct background checks in most states, so they don’t, so long as they don’t sell too many firearms in a given year.

However, these people are also subject to the exact same laws they’d be subject to away from the gun show.

Yet for decades now, the anti-gun movement has repeated this lie over and over again. Normally, I’d be charitable and assume they’re just misinformed, but they’ve been told time and time again that no, this isn’t the case, and they keep repeating it anyway. At this point, they know the truth. They just don’t want to admit it.

Well, I’m not feeling very charitable, anyway, so I don’t mind calling them out on their lie.

The question we all need to ask is if they’re willing to lie on something so relatively trivial, what else are they willing to lie about? What other facts are they going to willfully misrepresent to the American people in a pathetic attempt to sway public opinion?

More importantly, why are the so-called self-appointed arbiters of truth typically known as fact-checkers unwilling to call out so many of these people spreading this absolute male bovine excrement?

Then again, what can you really expect? The fact-check “establishment” are nothing more than leftist–read as “anti-gun”–mouthpieces who only occasionally take aim and Democrats or other leftists so as to appear to be unbiased.

After all, if they can keep perpetuating this lie long enough, they’ll get their gun show bans and their universal background checks, which is what this is really all about.