NRA To Spend $2 Million To Combat Biden Anti-Gun Push

NRA To Spend $2 Million To Combat Biden Anti-Gun Push
(AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

The NRA has a lot going on right now, so some might be understanding if they weren’t too focused on the gun control debate at the moment. After all, the organization is fighting for its very existence right now. The folks up that way have a right to be a might distracted.

Yet they clearly haven’t forgotten why the organization exists. They’re about to drop some money to try and fight back against President Joe Biden’s anti-gun agenda.

The nation’s top gun rights advocacy group is pushing back on President Biden’s efforts to rein in gun rights following a series of mass shootings, pledging to spend millions on “fighting and educating lawmakers” in Washington.

The National Rifle Association said it will spend $2 million on TV and digital ads, mail, outreach and town halls in the coming weeks to counter legislation passed by the House and sitting in the Senate.

Word of the NRA’s planned million-dollar campaign comes as the organization is in the middle of the third week of its trial over the organization’s January bankruptcy filing and allegations of spending abuses by the group’s leadership brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

“The NRA is all-in on this fight,” NRA spokeswoman Amy Hunter told Fox News. “We will fight Chipman’s nomination and the bad bills that now are in the Senate.”

At least 12 states will be targets for the NRA campaign, but the group told Fox News that they are prepared to spend more, should they need to.

That’s good to hear.

Look, I get it. A lot of you all are less than thrilled about the NRA right now. As I said, I get it.

However, the NRA is still the proverbial 800 lbs gorilla in the room when it comes to the gun debate. They still have deeper pockets and more connections than pretty much anyone. Plus, they’re the go-to target for anti-gun hate, which means other groups trying to accomplish the same goal like Gun Owners of America or the Second Amendment Foundation can slip in under the wire.

Frankly, it’s a good thing that despite the current situation, the NRA is willing to drop the money needed to try and combat Biden’s efforts. Let’s face it, if the anti-gunners don’t get some serious pushback, they’ll continue to assume that everyone agrees with them just like they always do.

They’ll think that anyway, of course, but we can at least give them a whole lot less reason to do so.

Whatever the NRA is dealing with, I believe they’ll still come out the other side. That won’t happen if they abandon their mission now, when we need every gun we can bring to this battle, metaphorically speaking, anyway. That means we need the NRA to step up and offer some serious resistance to Biden’s anti-gun efforts.

That’s what they’re doing, and that’s good for all of us. It’s also good for the NRA because it reminds people they’re still in this fight, no matter how bad things look for them right now.