NH House Committee Backs Sanctuary State Bill

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The state of New Hampshire’s motto is, “Live free or die.” It’s a glorious sentiment that I really wish other states would embrace. Hell, there are times that I wish New Hampshire would embrace it. Now, though, the state may well be doing just that with them potentially becoming a sanctuary state.


That’s right. A state in the heart of New England–the region tied with the West Coast for the most anti-gun region of the nation–may well become a Second Amendment sanctuary.

A House committee voted in favor of a bill that Republicans tout as prohibiting the state from enforcing any Presidential executive order that would restrict people’s gun rights, while Democrats call it an unconstitutional threat to public safety that could cost the state federal funds.

The vote on Senate Bill 154, which has passed the Senate, before the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee Wednesday was 11 to 10 along party lines.

Rep. David Meuse, D-Portsmouth, said he opposed an amendment and the bill itself, warning committee members that “ghost guns” are an increasing problem.

“They are untraceable and really put law enforcement over a barrel… These are guns that empower people that we don’t necessarily want to empower in society like militias and white supremacy groups,” Meuse said.

“Anybody who wants to buy a gun legally can buy a gun in New Hampshire. It’s not an issue,” Meuse said.


And “ghost guns” are a boogieman that isn’t really the threat people claim it to be. Especially since people have been able to build firearms since before this country was a country unto itself.

Moving on…

House Majority Leader Jason Osborne, R-Auburn, said after the vote: “After much discussion in Washington over the last few months about Executive Orders that would severely restrict our Second Amendments rights, it is abundantly clear that something has to be done. These potential Executive Orders, or any laws enacted by Congress, would impede New Hampshire citizens’ basic rights to defend themselves.”

Osborne said SB 154 wouldn’t change New Hampshire firearms laws.

“(I)t would simply say that New Hampshire rejects Washington edicts and we will not be enforcing them,” Osborne said.

That’s a big win for Granite State residents, to be sure. The best case would be to repeal all state laws as well, of course, but that’s not likely to happen.

The refusal to enforce federal gun control laws is probably the sanctuary pathway that has the best chance of passing legal scrutiny, especially since similar efforts revolve around immigration and marijuana. If the left comes after that kind of sanctuary law too hard, they’ll end up shooting themselves in the foot.


Then again, I’m not sure they think that far ahead.

Regardless, if this passes in New Hampshire, it should be interesting to see the reaction of surrounding states like Massachusetts. You know they’re not going to like it.

Then again, it’s not like they get a say in how New Hampshire runs stuff within its own borders, now do they?

Good luck to New Hampshire. Make it happen.

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