Biden Anti-Gun Agenda A Threat To Constitutional Rights

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Our rights don’t come from the Constitution. They’re protected by it. However, we still call them our constitutional rights simply because it makes it clear just where those rights are enshrined.

Yet even that isn’t enough to warn some people off from their vicious assault on some of our rights. In particular, our Second Amendment rights.

And when I say “some people,” I mean President Joe Biden.

Southern California gun rights advocates say that recent remarks made by President Joe Biden in favor of tougher gun control laws threaten the constitutional right of Americans to keep and bear firearms.

Last month, Biden called on the Department of Justice (DOJ) to curb the sale of homemade ghost gun kits, pushed to expand “red flag” laws that restrict firearms purchases, and called for an outright ban on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines.

Gun rights advocates told The Epoch Times that the proposed bans are government overreach that do “nothing to address the criminal misuse of firearms.”

“All it does is limit the ability of Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights,” Mark Oliva of the National Sports Shooting Foundation (NSSF) told The Epoch Times.

Biden is proposing that any gun sold in a kit must be serialized and sold through a licensed retailer, and that the buyer would have to pass a background check, according to Oliva.

“It has always been legal to build a gun in your home,” he said. “If you are a prohibited individual, and you can’t pass a background check and get a gun at retail, then it’s already illegal for you to build one in your home.”

At his first address to a joint session of Congress on April 28, Biden called gun violence “an epidemic in America.” He cited mass shootings in Georgia and Colorado that left 18 dead, adding that in between those two events, 250 other Americans were shot dead in the streets.

“I’ll do everything in my power to protect the American people from this epidemic of gun violence, but it is time for Congress to act as well,” he said.

Supporters applauded the president’s comments, and say the reforms are long overdue.

But Oliva said Biden’s proposals don’t address the threat of criminals. “They are coming after the law-abiding, and they’re doing nothing to stop crime.”

Of course, Biden likely doesn’t want to deal with the criminal misuse of guns because that’s an issue that will upset his base.

No, I’m not saying Biden’s base is nothing but criminals. Oh, they’re more likely to support him than any Republican, but not all of them are actually criminals.

However, they’re also the same people who think we should defund the police because the police are too mean to minorities. Never mind that statistics show that minorities commit a disproportional number of crimes or anything, nor the fact that they’ve gotten worked up over police using force ever. I mean, when a girl with a knife is shot while trying to stab another girl and the left loses their minds over it, it’s clear they are just looking for reasons to lash out at the police.

Addressing the criminal use of guns would require the police to engage with criminals more, which statistically suggests more involvement with minorities.

That’s going to go over like a pay toilet in a diarrhea ward with Biden’s base.

So, instead, he frames things like the actions of law-abiding citizens are the real problem. Our interest in things like “ghost guns” and “assault weapons” are treated like major issues, but most crimes are still committed with regular old handguns, the kind you can find in almost every gun store and pawnshop in the United States. Most of them are stolen guns or obtained in other illegal manners, though, but that doesn’t matter.

No, all that matters is that Biden is ignoring the Constitution because he doesn’t like what it says and is dead set to strip away all of its protections for our gun rights.