Missouri Senate Votes For Sanctuary State Bill

Missouri Senate Votes For Sanctuary State Bill
(AP Photo/Steven Senne)

One thing we’ve seen in 2021 is a significant influx in sanctuary states. They’re popping up all over the place, and while we know that not every state will become a Second Amendment sanctuary, a lot of them will be.


And it’s glorious.

One pro-gun state could soon join those august ranks.

Missouri senators on Thursday passed a bill to block local police from enforcing federal gun laws, sending the bill to the House just hours before lawmakers’ Friday deadline.

The Republican-led Senate voted 22-10 in favor of the bill, which would penalize local police departments if their officers enforce federal gun laws.

Under the bill, Missouri agencies with police who knowingly enforce any federal laws could be sued and fined $50,000 per violating officer.

Most state and federal gun laws are the same anyway, and federal law enforcement could still enforce gun rules that are in federal law only.

Republican backers said they’re motivated by the possibility of new federal gun restrictions under Democratic President Joe Biden and the Democratic-led U.S. House.

“If the federal government attempts to infringe on our Second Amendment rights here in Missouri, we will stand up for our citizens,” Republican Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz told reporters Thursday, speaking from a podium adorned with guns.

This is good news, but it’s not a done deal by any stretch. While I think the House will ultimately support such a bill, the question is whether they actually have the time to get this passed.

My understanding is that Friday is the last day in the legislative session, which means the House has to do everything today. If they can’t get it done, then lawmakers will have to wait until next year. By then, who knows what the gun control landscape will look like.


Now, that said, I think there’s actually a decent chance of it passing today. Based on Missouri’s other legislative moves in recent years, I think there’s more than enough support to get this one done, barring any procedural shenanigans by anti-gun lawmakers. After all, they only have to delay it a day to have a big impact.

That said, I don’t know if there are any such shenanigans possible in Missouri.

If Missouri becomes a sanctuary state, they won’t be the first and I doubt they’ll be the last by any stretch. Plus, while the above-linked article is right that federal law enforcement may still enforce federal gun control laws, the truth is that federal agencies depend heavily on local departments for assistance. Without that help, the ATF is likely to face an uphill battle on any prosecutions within the state.

Besides, the number of states embracing sanctuary status has got to send a message to anti-gunners in Washington that just because the bubbles they represent may like gun control, much of the rest of the country wants no such thing. Granted, we’ve been telling some of these folks this for years and they weren’t interested in listening, but reminding them with things like this damn sure doesn’t hurt.

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