Anti-Gun Activist Complains About Media Bias

Anti-Gun Activist Complains About Media Bias
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

One of my pet peeves in this world is media bias. I mean, we all know the media is biased as hell, but far too few people really seem to acknowledge it. Or, if they do, they seem to forget about that bias when the subject changes to something else.


Gell-Man amnesia is a thing, after all.

Part of the problem with media bias, though, is that it’s usually the side that doesn’t line up with the media that sees the bias. When you share the media’s outlook, it’s easy to see it as them being unbiased. Or, conversely, they can see any media bias shifting the other way.

Yet every now and then, someone acknowledges the media as being tilted in one direction or another. One of those people is anti-gun activist Cameron Kasky.

A recent FOX News article reported that Cameron Kasky, a teenager when he was one of the founders of the anti-gun organization March for Our Lives, recently spoke on The Young Turks “news” and opinion show about his perceived lack of support from the media for his anti-gun agenda.

“Right now, this very moment is a very complicated time for gun violence prevention activists,” the now-20-year-old Kasky complained, “because with Biden in the White House, the media does not want to aid us in demanding stronger gun reforms because whatever Joe Biden does is suddenly the right thing to do.”

Considering Joe Biden supports virtually every anti-gun proposal that has ever been presented, and the legacy media has consistently supported his anti-gun agenda, it’s hard to imagine what more Kasky could possibly want in the way of “aid.”

“Now if you’re calling for an assault weapons ban,” he added, “suddenly you’re just an angry leftist who will never be happy with anything.”

Kasky even confirmed that President Trump was correct when he complained about the media openly working against his administration.

“You had a much easier time calling for changes when Trump was the president,” according to Kasky, “because everybody (in the media) wanted to help stick it to Old Orange Man.”

Ultimately, we cannot imagine the media being more supportive of the gun-ban agenda. Kasky doesn’t seem to be complaining that the media is not helping promote his gun control agenda, he seems to be complaining the media does not do even more than it already does.


Kasky is right to see the left-leaning bias in the media. Where he screws up, as noted in the quote, is to think the media isn’t just as anti-gun as he is.

Oh, they might not be as vehement about going after President Biden as they would if Trump were still in the Oval Office, but they’re not going to pretend gun control isn’t desirable just because it might make Biden look bad. If anything, they’ll try and pressure him into action.

Still, it’s refreshing to see someone on that side of the discussion at least acknowledge that the media is in the bag for one side or another. Not that it’ll make a bit of difference. Media bias is real, but there’s not really anything that can be done from outside the media. Plus, I don’t see Kasky really being all that worked up about it in the grand scheme of things.

I mean, he may gripe about not getting everything he wants with gun control, but he’s not going to take an active role in trying to change anything. If he did, he has to know that he’d be slitting his own movement’s throat.

But hey, if that’s what he wants to do, by all means. I just want front-row seats for it.


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