Did The View Defend Gun Rights?

(Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC via AP)

I’m not a watcher of The View. Honestly, having to watch that show should count as a violation of the Geneva Convention’s prohibition on prisoner torture.

Hell, I’d rather be waterboarded than have to watch that crap.

After all, this is a show with primarily progressive voices with one conservative–Meghan McCain, at the moment–to allow them to pretend to have some degree of balance.

But, because McCain is there, you do occasionally get some non-awful takes out of the show. She’s defended the Second Amendment before on the program and I have little doubt she will again.

The thing is, this time, there was someone other than McCain talking about guns and gun rights.

It has been quite a year so far, 2021. Many things once labeled “conspiracy theories,” spread by right-wing “nut jobs,” have been revealed to be true – or, at least, are looking more and more likely to be true. Left-leaning media organizations appear to have altogether abandoned their decades-long attempts to portray themselves as impartial reporters of the cold, hard facts. Progressives, who for years have pretended to abhor racism, are now moving Heaven and Earth to segregate America according to skin color. No one, though, could have seen this coming: a co-host of the popular TV show The View has openly recognized the importance of the Second Amendment – and, no, it was not Meghan McCain.

With the exception of the neoconservative McCain, the ladies of The View aren’t just left-wing; they’re far left. So, one would have thought that, like everyone else on the far left, they would be horrified at the very thought of civilians owning guns. These are the kind of people, after all, who believe that only agents of the government should be armed in order to keep the rest of the population in line. Not so though, apparently, according to at least one of these ladies. Sunny Hostin declared on June 23 that people she knows personally are arming up. “A lot of my friends and family members have begun to purchase guns,” Hostin said. “They’ve begun gun training, and I think a lot of it has to do with the increase in violence against black people.”

Now, the piece goes on to note that the implication here is that this increase in violence against black people comes at the hands of white people, but there’s no evidence to suggest that’s true.

However, both the author of the above piece and myself agree completely that it doesn’t matter. See, the Second Amendment isn’t predicated on whether the threats you perceive–whether we’re talking criminals or an oppressive government–be legitimate or not. If you perceive a threat, you get to arm yourself. Hell, you don’t have to perceive a threat at all, which is good because many times, you don’t know there’s a threat until it’s too late to get a gun.

Hostin followed up that comment, though, by saying, “The Second Amendment is for everyone.”

On that, she’s 100 percent correct. It is. This is important since we live in a world where some so-called academics are trying to claim the Second Amendment isn’t really for everyone, that it’s really a racist tool of oppression. This is a view I really expected to see The View embrace.

Instead, Hostin’s comments are the truth. The Second Amendment is for everyone. All rights are for everyone and I encourage people to exercise all of their rights, including their Second Amendment rights.

If Hostin feels there’s a risk to herself or her community then, by all means, get armed and get trained in how to use it. Armed people are less likely to be the victim of a hate crime, regardless of who is doing the hating. They’re also less likely to be the victim of any other kind of crime too, including the far more common type of crime.

That’s a win. I just didn’t expect to hear it from The View.