Eric Swalwell Lashes Out About 'Unrestricted Weaponry' In Tweet

Eric Swalwell Lashes Out About 'Unrestricted Weaponry' In Tweet
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It’s not surprising that Rep. Eric Swalwell had to opine about the arrest of four people in Denver over the weekend. After all, they had guns and Swalwell is a rabid anti-gun advocate. On top of all of that, he’s a politician, a species known for never turning down an opportunity to flap their gums.


However, Swalwell’s comment included one bit so profoundly stupid that it warranted some serious discussion.

“[U]nrestricted weaponry?” Does he really think we have unrestricted weaponry in this country?

I hate to break it to him, but if he believes we have unrestricted weaponry in this country, he’s an even bigger moron than I gave him credit for being, and that’s really saying something.

Now, him pontificating on what transpired before there were any real details doesn’t surprise me. That’s what politicians do. We now know there was no threat to the game and that this involved the illicit drug trade.

But the idea that we somehow have unrestricted weaponry in this nation of ours?

So, I guess with that in mind, I don’t actually have to undergo a NICS check when I want to buy a gun, do I? I don’t have to fill out a Form 4473 saying I’m not all kinds of bad things when I do it either, now do I?


It also seems there are no laws on the kinds of weapons I can have. I should be able to just roll up and pick up that M2 machine gun I’ve always wanted. While I’m at it, I can finally get those F-15s and nukes the president suggested.


The truth is, all around us are restrictions on our weapons. However, as we now know, these four people were criminals. The restrictions we have don’t really apply to them. Oh, the laws do, sure, but it doesn’t actually stop them from getting guns. Instead, they circumvent the laws and do what they want.

Look, I get that Eric Swalwell thinks our gun laws are too lax, but his idea of talking about “unrestricted weaponry” is problematic not because it’s wrong but because people will take it at face value. It’s why I get annoyed by polling saying that people want more gun control. After all, people like Swalwell have made it sound like we don’t really have any, especially when he says stuff like this. They trust their lawmakers to actually understand what laws are in place.

When they say there aren’t any restrictions, people believe that. They assume he knows what he’s talking about.


The truth is, I’d love unrestricted weaponry. I’d be thrilled to drop by my local convenience store for some gas and a rocket launcher. It would be ideal to ward off road rage by having a Ma Deuce mounted on my vehicle, especially when I’m having to drive in Atlanta.

But that’s not what we have. What we have are numerous state and federal regulations that prevent us from having a lot of what we’d like to buy; regulations that do nothing to stop the criminals, mind you. I can’t do any of that, but if a bad guy has the money, he can do almost all of it.

Eric Swalwell needs to either educate himself or stop willfully lying to the American people.

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