Moms Demand Action Freaks Out Over Indiana Permits

Moms Demand Action Freaks Out Over Indiana Permits
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People shouldn’t have to pay to exercise a constitutionally protected right. It’s why poll taxes are unconstitutional. Yet in non-constitutional carry states, we have to pay for permits–from carry permits to purchase permits in some states. How is that right?


The easy answer is that it’s not.

In Indiana, though, they’ve addressed that and have started issuing lifetime permits. These two factors, apparently, have Moms Demand Action getting all kinds of worked up.

A group of mothers is urging lawmakers to take action on gun safety after a new law made it free for Hoosiers to apply for lifetime gun permits.

“We are often seen as the enemy and we are not the enemy,” said Heather Hibert, Moms Demand Action volunteer. “We are pro-second amendment. We are a group that includes veterans and gun owners. We simply just want to make sure people are responsible with their firearms and that they don’t get into the hands of someone who shouldn’t have them.”

OK, let’s hold up here for a moment.

Moms Demand Action is pro-Second Amendment? Does Hibert actually think anyone on the planet believes that?

This is a group that consistently works to erode our ability to exercise our Second Amendment rights, and she has the nerve to try to claim she’s actually pro-Second Amendment? Not just her, either, but her whole group.

Yeah, they’ve got veterans and gun owners, but having a gun doesn’t make you pro-Second Amendment. Unfortunately, neither does being a veteran.

You see, there are a lot of people who have guns who simply don’t want anyone else to have them. After all, they trust themselves with guns, it’s everyone else they distrust. The simple fact they have guns means nothing, as does the claim of a Bloomberg-aligned group that they’re actually pro-Second Amendment.


If they were, they’d at least consider the phrase “shall not be infringed.”

But, they don’t.

Moving on…

A line in the state’s two-year budget that passed during the 2021 legislative session eliminated the $125 fee that Hoosiers previously had to pay for the license.

Within the first week, Indiana State Police told WANE 15 that more than 25,000 people had signed up for the license. With the recent flood of Hoosiers applying for free five-year handgun licenses, Hibert says she is concerned.

“When the licensing takes too long it’s flooded the system, we run the risk of buying a firearm with someone else without carrying a license,” Hibert said. “When that happens we run into the risk of they are buying from a seller not doing a background check. We run the risk of them transferring ownership of a gun to someone who shouldn’t have it.”

Except, that’s literally a non-issue.

Indiana doesn’t require a permit to purchase a gun, so any backlog on the permitting process won’t affect gun sales one way or another. It’s a non-issue. You’d think someone who was “pro-Second Amendment” and an activist on this issue would at least know the basics of the gun laws in the state she lives in.

Either she’s a complete moron or Hibert is hoping that she can fool people into believing that the new law somehow changes stuff it doesn’t. She’s counting on ignorance one way or the other.


It should be noted that the media failed to address this in their report. They simply opted to let Hibert’s comments stand on their own.

At the end of the day, all that happened was people can get lifetime permits–permits they lose if they violate the law in such a way as to make them ineligible to own a firearm–and they don’t have to pay for permits. That’s it. It doesn’t change who can buy a gun or how they buy them. All Moms Demand Action and Hibert is doing is trying to create a panic out of nothing.

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