Teen Rappers Busted For Using Real Guns In Video

Teen Rappers Busted For Using Real Guns In Video
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One thing that certainly makes police work a bit easier is the existence of stupid criminals. In truth, the mastermind and his gang of skilled professionals are arguably more common in films and television than they are in real life. Most criminals just aren’t that brilliant. They might have guns and they might be brutal, but they’re often just not that smart.


However, it’s the exceptionally stupid ones that make life interesting.

Take, for example, a trio of aspiring rappers in Pittsburg.

According to WTAE, the group was recording a music video outside of the Allegheny Commons Housing Complex when a police detective noticed their guns. None of the three men looked to be over 21, which is the age one would need to be in order to have a carry permit in the state of Pennsylvania.

Of course, if the guns were fake, it wouldn’t matter and all would be well. Unfortunately, these enterprising young men were too hardcore for that.

Oh no, they were using the real thing. That’s right, despite knowingly being underage, they decided to record their video with real guns outside where anyone and everyone could see them.


But hey, what’s the big deal? After all, don’t I support legal adults being able to own and carry guns regardless of their age? As a matter of fact, I do. However, that’s not where this trio ended their escapades.

It seems these three, while being searched, allegedly had numerous bags of heroin on their person. Dozens of them. While the report doesn’t say, that sure seems like intent to distribute to me.


That’s right. They decided to record a rap video outside with real guns while under the lawful age to carry a gun and allegedly carrying a load of heroin they were likely intending to sell.

Talk about making the job easy for the police.

Guys, the gangsta rap thing? You’re better off making that a persona rather than actually trying to be a gangster while also trying to build a rap career. Yeah, I know, that’s not real enough, but you know what the guys who do that don’t run into? Prison time.

Oh, it may boost your street cred, but it won’t let you out on the streets to build your fan base and potentially land a coveted record deal.

Honestly, this is weapons-grade dumb. It’s almost like they wanted to get caught.

And yet, there are more criminals like this than there are of the master criminal who almost never gets caught or if he does, it’s a huge score that’s certainly worth the prison time. Those guys aren’t making rap videos with real guns in public while carrying narcotics.

Now, while I’ve been talking about how these three made it easy for the police, let’s not make too light of it. This could have been very dangerous for the officer. I mean, there were three apparently armed young men standing there. Their guns were out and ready to use far faster than the officers’ holstered pistols.


The officers did good and it took real bravery to approach, especially knowing what anti-police sentiment is floating around. That had to raise the pucker factor by a good 10 points or so.

At the end of the day, though, it looks like justice prevailed.


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