Curtis Sliwa Blasts Biden Anti-Gun Gathering

Curtis Sliwa Blasts Biden Anti-Gun Gathering
(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

The New York mayor’s race is heating up. Former police officer Eric Adams is already projected to win, and in New York City, that’s not overly surprising. However, his Republican opponent, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa isn’t exactly rolling over and handing him the keys to the mayor’s office.

Instead, he’s fighting back. In doing so, he’s not afraid to aim at the White House and a recent gathering that included Adams.

As crime in New York City regresses toward the crisis level seen in the 1970s, Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa argues his decades of experience leading the unarmed patrol group the Guardian Angels has prepared him far better than Democratic opponent Eric Adams to tackle worsening violence across the Big Apple a year after the onset of the “defund police” movement.

President Biden included Adams, a retired NYPD captain and current Brooklyn borough president, in a roundtable discussion on gun violence at the White House this week – even though Adams barely won his Democratic primary and there is still a general election in November, Sliwa told Fox News.

“To me, his invitation was purely political,” Sliwa said. “It’s almost as if they decided we don’t want to hear from the Republican, even though in this arena Curtis Sliwa has more credentials than anyone who attended that White House conference, especially Eric Adams.”

Sliwa, unlike other attendees at the roundtable, has a unique perspective as he is personally a victim of gun violence. He was shot five times in June 1992 on the orders of John Gotti Sr. to John Gotti Jr. and the Gambino crime family, and therefore went through four federal trials.

“I understand the problems of gun violence having experienced it,” Sliwa, who was once shot with a .38 Special handgun, said. “You say ‘gun control, gun control’ because that’s always what comes out of these sessions. That would have done nothing to have stopped the gunman.”

Sliwa has always taken a more proactive role in combating violent crime in New York City than most so-called gun violence activists. Rather than blaming the weapon, he’s always recognized the problem isn’t the tool, it’s the tool using it.

While many decried the Guardian Angels’ existence, let’s be honest, at least they were doing something tangible rather than holding rallies and hoping that would somehow stop the violence. They weren’t armed and weren’t trying to be polite, but they weren’t playing around, either.

Whether it worked or not is a topic for another time.

Sliwa, however, wasn’t included in the discussion despite his status as someone who has actually been shot. Why not? Probably because, as a Republican, it was believed he would oppose further anti-Second Amendment measures. Based on what Silwa has said, that’s probably true.

President Joe Biden didn’t want Curtis Sliwa there because he didn’t want input, he wanted a pretext to take additional steps to impact our right to keep and bear arms. Sliwa would likely have ended up as a thorn in Biden’s side during the meeting, probably because Sliwa would have assumed Biden wanted honest feedback, not justification for what he had already planned.

Frankly, I hope Sliwa gets louder about stuff like this. He had just as much reason to be in that meeting, if not more. The fact that he wasn’t included is nothing but blatant partisanship by the White House. It’s why no one should take their anti-Second Amendment proposals seriously as the administration pushes them forward and claims any sort of consensus was reached.

None of that matters because the deck was stacked to start with.

Of course, none of us are really surprised by that, either. That’s just the standard operating procedure for the Biden administration.