Wounded Veterans, Others Lash Out At Proposed Pistol Brace Rule

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

Pistol braces make shooting AR-style pistols much easier for a lot of people. While many of those are perfectly able to use a pistol as it’s intended, a lot of them can’t.


People like many disabled veterans, for example, need such braces in order to operate almost any kind of firearm.

Yet the ATF is considering banning these. Why? Because one jackwagon used such a brace to turn a pistol into what was essentially a short-barreled rifle and committed a mass shooting with it.

However, these veterans aren’t lying down.

Look at some of those guys. At least one seemed to not really have fingers anymore. Not enough to hold an AR-style pistol without help, anyway.

And yeah, he’s not alone. He’s not an isolated case, as others attested in that video.

See, while the banning of pistol braces would be wrong and a pain in our butts, for some of these guys it boils down to a declaration that they don’t get to exercise their Second Amendment rights at all anymore. These are men and women who stepped up when their nation called. They put their lives and bodies on the line and came home permanently impacted by combat.


If anyone deserves special consideration, it’s them.

What the ATF is considering under direction from the Biden administration is tantamount to declaring war on these men and women, saying they don’t deserve to be able to protect their families. How is that right? How can any administration that claims to be moral–and President Joe Biden has definitely presented himself as a moral president–do that to these men and women?

Yet here we are.

And let’s not forget that it’s not just disabled veterans who will be impacted. First responders who have been injured are included, as are people who were disabled through all kinds of accidents. They’re just as injured and will be just as defenseless if this measure goes through.

I should also note that this is why the role of ATF director is so important. With someone like David Chipman at the helm, there’s absolutely no chance of anyone being interested in listening to the challenges these injured men and women would face. The ATF gets to determine what’s acceptable and what isn’t and Chipman will likely make all of it unacceptable.


Right now, though, these men and women need our help. We need to make sure the ATF knows that we’re not interested in changing the rules just because the Biden administration needs to throw a bone to its anti-Second Amendment supporters. We need to tell them that our disabled veterans, first responders, and otherwise ordinary Americans deserve so much better from their country.

That would be the same country so many of them lost body parts trying to defend.

Let’s make sure their access to pistol braces doesn’t go anywhere. The only way to do that is to fight back against this regressive and unnecessary regulation. We don’t need to take a step back when it comes to a tool that allows more people to defend themselves against aggression.

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