Missouri Governor Pardons McCloskeys

Mark and Patricia McCloskey weren’t doing anything that you or I wouldn’t at least consider doing. At a time when mobs were burning down cities, they saw a mob approaching their front door. So, the McCloskeys armed themselves and stood ready to defend their home.


I may well have done pretty much the same thing.

However, they had the misfortune to do it in St. Louis, which led to them being prosecuted. Now, they’ve been pardoned for their “crimes.”

Missouri Governor Mike Parson has pardoned a pair of St. Louis attorneys who drew international fame and infamy for waving guns at protesters outside their Central West End home last year.

The pardons were issued on Friday, July 30, but announced Tuesday.

Parson issued 12 pardons and commuted two sentences.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanors for the June 2020 incident. Mark pleaded guilty to fourth-degree assault. His wife pleaded guilty to harassment. They were sentenced to pay the maximum fines: $750 for him, $2,000 for her. The weapons they brandished were destroyed as a condition of their pleas.

A grand jury indicted the couple last year on felony charges of unlawful use of a weapon and evidence tampering. In April 2021, the Missouri Supreme Court rejected St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s request to prosecute the couple. The McCloskeys have said Gardner used the case for her own political gain.


Of course, the fact that Gardner mentioned them in a campaign email doesn’t hurt the McCloskeys’ claim, either. In fact, that’s why a judge removed her from overseeing the prosecution.

While the couple pled down to misdemeanors, the pardon now absolves them of any repercussions. Gov. Parsons had vowed to pardon the couple, which is a promise he kept.

Despite the fact that Parsons basically pardoned a couple for misdemeanors, some were outright infuriated, including Captain Infuriation himself, Keith Olbermann.

For what? Getting a pardon on the misdemeanors they pled down to? Good luck with that. We can’t even get federal charges for prohibited people who try to buy guns at gun stores. What makes you think they’re going to bother with this?

Then again, it’s not like Olbermann is a serious person anyway.

Yet there are a lot of people who feel the same way. Mostly, they’re upset that the charges went away, not that they were all that picky about what the charges were in the first place. They wanted the McCloskeys punished, it didn’t really matter what for. They’d have been fine with jaywalking charges, most likely.


Now, they can’t get their pound of flesh. While the McCloskeys may have pled guilty to those misdemeanors, now none of it matters. Their slate is wiped clean, and that is making a lot of people mad.

See, the McCloskeys sin wasn’t threatening people or harassment or anything of the sort. No, their sin was their refusal to bow down to the mob and worship at the foot of the Black Lives Matter gods. They failed to appease the mob but instead resisted. Worse, they had the temerity to have guns. They resisted the mob with the forbidden tools!

That’s what has people upset as hell. Had this couple done this with a group of Proud Boys, they’d be freaking celebrated as heroes by these people and we all know it.

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