Some SC Businesses Consider Banning Guns On Premises

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South Carolina recently passed an open carry law. While I’m not personally a fan of open carry, I’ll vehemently defend the right for people to carry in such a manner. That’s kind of how rights work, especially when it comes to our gun rights.


I’m glad they passed the law so that people are free to carry a firearm in the manner which they prefer. It’s a step forward for Second Amendment rights in the state, and that’s a good thing.

However, it seems that not everyone agrees.

Supporters of open carry believe South Carolina’s new law will take effect Aug. 15 with little fanfare, while opponents fear it could lead to more gun violence.

“It could turn into a Wild, Wild West,” said Spartanburg native and businessman Scott McHam, a tax consultant. “I can see when you do have an open carry with gun on the hip, sitting in a restaurant or if someone steps on your shoe walking by, they’re just going to reach on their side and shoot somebody.”

Which, of course, has never actually happened so far as I can find. Since anti-Second Amendment folks would be sharing those stories every time an open carry bill came up, I can safely assume that the reason I can’t find such a case is that it never happened.

Just because you think it could happen doesn’t mean it will. Especially since South Carolina already has concealed carry and has for ages.

Anyway, moving on…

Some businesses plan to ban guns


It remains to be seen how many downtown Spartanburg businesses will post signs forbidding guns, as the law allows, but a few that serve alcohol already have bans or are planning to do so.
A recent walk-through downtown found a majority of stores without signs banning weapons.
One that plans to post signs by the start of open carry is Main Street Pub at 252 W. Main St.
“We’re a bar-restaurant and we serve alcohol, which doesn’t work very well with guns, even if the person is a responsible gun owner,” said Adam Story, general manager of Main Street Pub.

John Bauknight, owner of RJ Rockers Brewing Company at 226-A W. Main St., said signs banning guns will be posted soon.

“I don’t have an issue with firearms, but nothing good can happen at a bar/restaurant that makes me want to allow folks to carry,” he said. “I do think it will increase incidents. How can it not?”


Well, let’s talk about this for a moment.

I don’t support the idea of businesses banning guns on their property. However, I do support their right to do so. It’s their property, they get to say what happens with that property. Just like I don’t have to put up with someone insulting my wife while standing in my living room regardless of their First Amendment rights, I shouldn’t have to accept someone carrying a gun on my property either.

That said, you have a right to not spend money with these businesses because of that stance. If you’re a regular customer, let them know you’re done because they say you’re not welcome unless you disarm yourself and make yourself easy prey for the criminals. Let them know you’ll be advising others to seek out their competitors as well.

There’s nothing that says you have to do business with anyone in particular, so don’t. Spend your money with someone who values your Second Amendment rights as much as their own. If there isn’t anyone, then maybe you’ve just found yourself a business opportunity.

Make a decision like this hurt. Make it hurt bad.

Then we can see how many think it was such a wise decision to treat a percentage of their customer base as if they’re all homicidal maniacs.


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