Two Officers Shot In San Bernardino Confrontation

AP Photo/Keith Srakocic

California is supposed to be the land of gun control Utopia. At least, if gun control works, that would be the case. They have every gun control measure that has pretty much ever been discussed at the federal level and more than a few that would never fly. Apparently, none of those laws were in evidence in San Bernardino on Wednesday.


While investigating the shooting of a sheriff’s deputy, two other law enforcement deputies were shot.

Two San Bernardino Police Department SWAT officers were injured and a suspect was killed during a shooting in Highland that was connected to Tuesday’s deputy shooting in San Bernardino.

While investigating Tuesday’s shooting, the officers made contact with the suspect around 3:38 p.m. near Victoria and 9th Street and attempted to make an apprehension. During the attempt, an officer-involved shooting occurred.

The two SWAT officers were struck by gunfire and taken to Loma Linda University Medical Center. According to San Bernardino Police Lt. Michele Mahan, both officers were alert and speaking when they were being taken to the hospital.

One of the officers was released from the hospital Thursday morning, but the other underwent a lengthy surgery and remains hospitalized. Both were expected to survive.

The suspect, a known gang member, was also struck during the shooting and pronounced dead at the scene.

A known gang member, which suggests he was also a convicted felon. There’s no way he got a gun legally, especially with California’s draconian gun control laws on the books.

And yet, he got a gun anyway. He got one and now three law enforcement officers are wounded.

See, the problem here is that you’re never going to keep guns out of hands like this person’s. The evil in our society will always seek out that which is forbidden to them. They’ll find it, too, if they run in the right circles. Then the only bar is money. If they’ve got enough, they’ll get what they want.


It’s just that simple.

As a result, gun control doesn’t actually work. Criminals continue to get guns, and not just true here in the United States, either. It happens in literally every other country, all with strict gun control laws on the books.

Yes, we have more of that here, but that’s due to a number of other factors that I won’t get into right now.

What I will say, though, is that no matter what you try and claim, gun control doesn’t do what its proponents say. If that were the case, the three deputies in San Bernardino wouldn’t have been shot.

Frankly, it’s well past time to start looking beyond gun control and start looking at ways to prevent crime. It’ll take time for those methods to produce results, but you’ll see much better results over the long haul than trying to restrict civil rights will ever yield.

As for the deputies, I’m glad they weren’t injured too badly and I hope they all make a full and speedy recovery. As for the suspect, I’m not bothered at all about this one not standing trial.

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