Connecticut Man Allegedly Flashed Gun At Women In Bar

AP Photo/Keith Srakocic

I don’t like hearing about people doing stupid things with guns. At all.

See, I don’t like it because, in part, it makes the rest of us look like idiots. People are already skittish about firearms and firearm owners, many believing that we’re really all about to flip out and kill everyone at any given moment. The last thing we need to do is ignore people who feed into that with their stupidity.


We need to call them out.

Like this jackwagon in Connecticut.

Police in the area are searching for a man who allegedly pulled up his shirt and revealed a gun while talking with two women at a popular bar.

The incident took place in Fairfield County on Tuesday, Aug. 17 at the Bodega Taco Bar, in Darien.

According to Sgt. James Palmieri of the Darien Police, the women were in the bar area when a man began talking to them.

As the three talked, the man suddenly and without reason pulled his shirt up revealing a gun tucked into his waistband.

Now, no threats were made, but the women decided it would be best if they got out of there.

Say what you will, but flashing the gun you’re carrying to a couple of women you’re chatting up is probably not the best way to get the ladies to slip you the digits.

Police haven’t been able to identify the man, which is probably in his best interests. This is Connecticut we’re talking about here. They’re not likely to take kindly to an incident like this.

Now, understand, I think the guy has a right to carry his firearm. I think he has a right to wear it in good health anywhere he wants. While I don’t advocate drinking and carrying, we don’t know that he was actually drinking.

What we do know, though, is that he pulled up his shirt to show he was armed when there was absolutely no reason to do so. In my book, that’s an act meant to intimidate and nothing else. While that might be a good idea in some instances, it’s a terrible idea when you’re talking to a couple of women in a bar.


Those two women will now remember this whenever the gun debate flares up. They’re going to remember this when they hear the phrase “responsible gun owners.” Mark my words, they will.

Even if those two were agnostic on guns, this jackwagon has made them anti-gun. Not only did he fail to do anything like hook up with either of them, but he also managed to sway them politically.

Granted, I suspect the gun wasn’t exactly a law-abiding citizen in the first place. I think if they find him, they’ll find out that he’s a career criminal, probably the kind who thinks flashing a gun makes them look tough.

Either way, though, he’s provided us a good example of how not to be a gun owner.

I shouldn’t need to say it, but don’t do stuff like this. It doesn’t help anyone or anything.

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