Gun Control Advocates Frustrated With Biden

Gun Control Advocates Frustrated With Biden
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

President Joe Biden ran on his strong gun control stance and history. He said he was the only guy who had beaten the NRA once and he could do it again. Voters responded.


Of course, that’s not all he ran on. He ran on a number of issues, as most presidents do–look at how well the one-issue candidates like Rep. Eric Swalwell and Beto O’Rourke did–but guns were a bit issue.

Now almost nine months into his presidency, people are wanting results.

And it’s not just the professional anti-Second Amendment types, either. Take this editorial out of St. Louis:

Gun-reform advocates, frustrated that President Joe Biden has put on the back burner his campaign vow to finally address America’s gun-violence epidemic, are calling for the creation of a new top-level office to spearhead the issue. That would be an appropriately high-profile approach to a national crisis that has been allowed to fester too long. Decades too long, in fact.

America’s political dysfunction is perhaps nowhere more evident than on guns. Despite broad public support (even among gun owners) for basic reforms like universal background checks for gun purchases and restrictions on military-style firearms and high-capacity ammunition magazines, Congress has been deadlocked for years.

The activists also seek a comprehensive strategy for getting gun-safety legislation approved — including “eliminating the filibuster if necessary” — and making better use of the presidential bully pulpit to rally the majority of Americans who understand that controlling gun violence means controlling guns. To say Biden has other issues on his plate would be an epic understatement, but this one deserves a return to front-burner status.


Of course, this makes reference to the push to get Biden to completely bypass Congress in an effort to do…what?

Sure, Biden could create a special Office of Gun Violence, but guess what? It couldn’t actually do anything. Biden’s hands are effectively tied, thankfully.

The Senate has successfully blocked any gun control legislation. The editorial writers bemoan the existence of the NRA, but there are other groups and other gun owners who have lobbied hard to make sure this doesn’t pass. There’s no interest in just rolling over and allowing bad ideas like gun control to pass.

Biden has done all he could possibly do to pass gun control, but the people who control its fate aren’t interested in letting it happen.

But yeah, Biden isn’t focusing on this right now. As the editorial notes, he’s got a lot on his plate. However, they’re upset that he’s not focusing on this right now, that he’s not making this a “front-burner” issue.

I suppose the botched evacuation of Kabul should slide on back a little bit. So should the murder of 12 service members at the hands of terrorists during that evacuation. There’s also still that whole pandemic thing going on, too, along with a desire to get more people vaccinated.


I mean, just how many front-burners do they think a president has, anyway?

At the end of the day, the anti-Second Amendment crowd should recognize that maybe gun control isn’t really as popular as they like to believe–otherwise more senators would sign-on–and that even their latest messiah of Joe Biden isn’t going to make anything happen without Congress’ help, and that’s just not coming.

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