NYC Man Free On Bail From Gun Charges Commits Fatal Shooting

(AP Photo/John Locher, File)

New York City is famous for its incredibly strict gun control laws. Getting a gun is difficult if you’re a law-abiding citizen, which we’re told makes it even more difficult for criminals to get firearms.

Yet, that’s not really true. We know it’s not true because of the amount of crime New York City is currently experiencing. These aren’t law-abiding citizens shooting up the streets, after all.

And what about those gun laws? Well, a recent homicide illustrates just how beautifully those laws don’t work.

An allegedly trigger-happy Brooklyn man admitted to shooting two people — killing one — while out on bail on felony firearm charges, according to police and sources.

Tyrek Williams, 20, was first busted last September for allegedly having a loaded handgun on him — but seven months after he made bail on that case, he allegedly shot a 26-year-old in the Bronx on April 29, cops said Monday.

About three months later on Aug. 18, Williams allegedly gunned down D’Andre Johnson, 24, near the corner of East 149th Street and Concord Avenue, cops said.

Williams was free to terrorize the Bronx after his family posted his $7,500 bail bond in the September gun case, his lawyer, Edward Dudley, and the Bronx District Attorney’s Office said.

The attorney said Williams was among several others taken into custody when the loaded gun was found in a car but it’s still not clear who the firearm belonged to.

“The gun was not found on anyone in particular so the case is still pending. It has not been resolved, no one has plead guilty, that’s all I can say,” Dudley told The Post by phone, calling Williams’ latest arrest a “sad situation.”

So it may not have been his gun, but since he had a gun despite that charge still later, I’m going to say it’s a safe bet it was his.

If not, though, he clearly knew where to get a firearm.

Meanwhile, the police commissioner tweeted this:

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like Shea and his officers would have a much easier time reducing violence if they weren’t constantly forced to turn jails into revolving doors for some of these people.

No, it’s not Shea’s call. Other people made those decisions, and people are apparently dead because of it.

And yet, we’re supposed to follow New York City’s lead on gun laws? Are you out of your freaking mind? Clearly, the criminals can get guns without too much trouble, otherwise, Williams wouldn’t have had a gun charge on him and then he become involved in two shootings, one of which was fatal.

See, what anti-Second Amendment types need to understand is that while no one wants criminals armed, we’re not willing to give up our right to keep and bear arms because of stuff like this. The criminals will keep getting the guns without any real problem. Meanwhile, we’re the ones who suffer.

Sorry, none of us are interested in playing that game.

Especially when anyone with any brains can see just how poorly it works for New York City.