NRA's Latest Ad Features Rick Ector: The Left's Worst Nightmare

AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

Minority gun owners are among the fastest-growing segment of the firearms industry. More and more people who aren’t old white men are going out and buying guns. However, the media has often continued to paint groups like the NRA as being racist organizations.

And, to be fair, I don’t think the organization has done a good job of either combating that or really reaching out to these new minority gun owners.

Well, I didn’t think that, anyway.

It seems the NRA decided to step up its game.

“The left thinks the Second Amendment wasn’t made for people who look like us. They said the same thing during the Jim Crow era too,” NRA instructor Rick Ector, who is black, said in a video published by the NRA on Thursday morning.

“If simply taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens was the answer, Detroit would be the safest place on earth. Instead, it’s seen a 53% increase in shootings in 2020 alone,” Ector said. “In fact, last weekend, I’ve trained 4,000 lovely women to ensure they’re never victims. And this isn’t about politics for me — it’s about common sense.”

Detroit was among cities across the nation last year that saw a sharp increase in shootings, with Motor City notching a 19% increase in homicides in 2020 over 2019, and a 53% increase in nonfatal shootings.

Watch the ad for yourself:

Just on the face of things, that’s good. Take out anything to do with minority gun owners, women gun owners, or anything else and you still have a powerful advertisement for what the NRA does.

Honestly, that’s the best NRA ad I’ve seen in years, and I kind of what to see someone try to claim that ad is racist. I mean, the vast majority of people who were featured were black women. It kind of shatters the whole idea of the NRA as a white boy’s club. Those were NRA members, for crying out loud.

It’s as close to perfect as I can imagine.

Ector is a powerful voice for gun rights, too. After all, as he notes, he was unarmed and held at gun point, and the only thing that saved his family from a similar fate was him telling them people in the house were armed. At that point, they ran. A lot of predators prefer their prey without teeth of their own.

That history tells quite the tale, a story of just how important our gun rights can be.

We’ve talked about Ector’s training class previously. I think what he’s doing is amazing and it needs to be replicated all over the nation. I don’t know that Ector himself can do it, but I’m sure we can find people who would love to follow his lead.

I’m also glad to see the NRA notice it and give some wider attention to what he does there in Detroit. He’s saving lives in ways that the anti-Second Amendment zealots who claim to care about safety can only pretend to dream of.

Good on you, Rick.