MSNBC Host Blames Texas Gun Laws For Arlington Shooting

MSNBC Host Blames Texas Gun Laws For Arlington Shooting
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The state of Texas is pretty gun-friendly these days. While they’ve always had that reputation, their permitting requirements were really less than great. Now, though, they have constitutional carry, which changes the landscape entirely.


Unfortunately, they also had a shooting at a high school in Arlington, TX yesterday.

I’d love to say that the mainstream media stepped up and delivered only the facts of what happened, leaving commentary off the table completely.

Of course, we all know that didn’t happen. Quite the contrary, actually.

While he was guest-hosting Wednesday’s Andrea Mitchell Reports during the 12:00 Eastern hour, there was still a lot of information Garrett Haake didn’t have about the school shooting at an Arlington, Texas high school, but that didn’t stop him from wondering if the state’s “permissive gun laws” might have something to do with it. Later, MSNBC contributor and former FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi would declare that Haake need not worry about politicizing the issue so soon, because it wasn’t actually political.

Speaking with Democratic Rep. Marc Veasey, who represents the area, Haake inquired:

Whenever we have a shooting, particularly like this in a school, there are some who say in the immediate aftermath, it is too soon to talk about the politics of guns in this country and there are some who say if the shooting has already happened, it is too late to start talking about the politics of guns in this country. I don’t have to tell you, Texas has some of the most permissive gun laws in the country. You’ve got a potentially an 18-year-old with a handgun at school. What do you make of the situation on the ground in Texas as relates to weapons laws and how it may or may not impact the violence like this that we see in a, in a suburban high school.

For his part, Veasey gave the standard Democratic response about, “background checks and tightening up loopholes on background checks, that ought to be something that is easy. Private ownership of gun sales, when it’s a private sale.”


Except, perhaps Haake didn’t realize that despite all the so-called permissive gun laws in Texas, the gunman in question was breaking a lot of laws that actually are on the books.

First, he was 18-years-old and carrying a firearm. While an 18-year-old can own a handgun, he damn sure can’t buy one and he most certainly isn’t permitted to carry one under current law in Texas. Yes, permitless carry is a thing in the Lone Star State, but that only applies to people 21 and older.

The shooter didn’t meet that standard.

Further, he was carrying a gun on a high school campus. While Texas does have campus carry, that only applies to college campuses where students may well be of age to lawfully carry a firearm. So the shooter broke that law as well.

On every level, we have a young man who broke multiple laws well before he pulled out the gun and opened fire, yet we’re to believe that the issue here is that Texas doesn’t have enough gun control laws?

Why? So he could break those too?

MSNBC and the other left-leaning networks are going to harp on this for a while, much like they did after a shooting in Tennessee. Yet again, though, the constitutional carry law on the books didn’t actually apply.


That won’t stop them from trying to make the case, though, facts be damned.

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