As Mexico Blames Guns Nearly 95 Percent Of Crimes Go Unpunished

Miguel Tovar

Mexico has issues with American gun laws and gun companies. That’s why they’re suing for an insane sum of money as they try to blame the United States for their own issues.


They figure if Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot can do it, why can’t they?

Regardless, though, the country does have problems and since leaders are elected there, they have to do something to try and shift the blame. Otherwise, they’d have to do things like addressing their own online gun marketplace, which they haven’t.

It also seems that despite the nation’s surging violent crime problem, no one is being punished.

In a report published last week, Hallazgos2020 (“hallazgos” means “findings”), the think tank México Evalúa found that 94.8 percent of the cases reported in Mexico go unpunished.

“It is a criminal justice system that does not respond to the demands of citizens because it has been left in distress. There is no political leadership to correct the deficiencies and allocate the resources that are required,” said Chrístel Rosales, a researcher for the organization’s justice program.

The report found that 93.3 percent of cases aren’t reported to authorities and that of the small percentage that are, 95 percent go unpunished. The attorney general’s office initiated 38,855 investigations last year, 60 percent fewer than in 2019.

Although the investigation takes the coronavirus pandemic into account, experts say the population’s distrust of the justice system and its limitations also has an impact.

It is a bleak scenario, because only three-tenths of 1 percent of cases are resolved. “It is almost total impunity,” Rosales said.


And they’re still blaming guns for their problems?

Let’s be very, very clear, folks. If laws are not enforced, they have no meaning. They don’t do anything to protect the people of a given nation if that nation’s laws are little more than words on a page.

Meanwhile, the worst of the worst are free to run around doing whatever they wish, practically immune to prosecution.

If the Mexican authorities wanted to do something to address the problem, the first place to start would be in actually trying to fix the relationship between the justice system and the people of Mexico.

That, however, would take work.

Instead, they’ll try to blame the United States for their problems, arguing that our gun laws are the cause of their problems, yet failing to answer just how that could be when we don’t have any such problems despite having so much more access to firearms. As bad as Chicago is, at its worst, it’s not even a slow day in Mexico.

No, this right here is the lion’s share of the problem. Mexican violence persists because people know they can do whatever they want without any real fear of prosecution. Without the fear of punishment, they will proceed to commit such atrocities again and again.


Why would they stop?

Look, I’m sympathetic to what’s happening in Mexico. It’s absolutely awful that anyone has to live in a nation so close to becoming a failed state like that, especially with us right next door as a point of comparison. They see us thrive and I can see why so many would be jealous. But for solutions, they should look within.

Maybe start by prosecuting people for violent crimes, as a start. You know, just to shake things up.

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