Gun Control May Hurt Florida Democrats In 2022

AP Photo/Wilson Ring

For the last several years, gun rights proponents have had to play defense. Our wins have been when laws get blocked or overturned by the courts, at least at the federal level. Those who support gun control have had all the momentum, though they haven’t really been able to capitalize on it, thankfully.

Now, there’s some speculation that their assault on the Second Amendment may be about to bite them in their posteriors.

“The Democrats’ attitude is, let’s don’t deal with the real issue of guns in the wrong hands of criminals but, instead, let’s throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at lawful gun owners,” Ron Davis, the president of the First Coast Friends of the NRA, told Florida Daily.

Davis said he doesn’t believe the Democrats’ gun control proposals will go anywhere in Tallahassee but added the issue might hurt them in the 2022 elections.

Davis pointed out that the two largest groups buying firearms for the first time are those in the black community and women, voters that have broken for the Democrats in 2018 and 2020.

“If Democrats were smart, they wouldn’t send pro-gun control campaign mailers to these two groups after seeing them set a record number of guns being purchased over the last year,” said Davis.

Davis makes a solid point.

However, I’m going to take all of them a step or two further.

First, what he’s saying doesn’t just apply to Florida. Yes, Florida is a red state and has a lot of Second Amendment supporters, but the truth of the matter is that the black community and women have been buying guns everywhere, not just in Florida.

Further, a lot of white men bought their first firearms in the last two years, people who typically supported gun control but may no longer feel that way.

After all, a lot of people found out what they’ve been told by the media is a lie. Gun manufacturers relayed stories of people calling them up, wanting to buy a gun off the internet, only to find out they couldn’t have it shipped to their home and bypass the waiting periods. They found out that in some places, you couldn’t buy a gun and leave with it the same day.

They found out a lot of stuff and they found it out the hard way.

So, now they’re going to be checking their mail and getting campaign material talking about how easy it is to buy a gun and recognize just how much BS that really is. It might make them question a lot of other claims, too.

And again, this is all over the place.

While your Californias and Massachusettses (is that how you pluralize Massachusetts?) won’t notice much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, I suspect an awful lot of states will, and that could cause some serious problems for Democrats as they hope to take firm control over the Senate in 2022 while holding onto the House.

Personally, I don’t see either of those things happening. I didn’t before ever gun sale record on the books started falling left and right, so I see no reason to change that belief now.

2022 should be interesting, to say the least.