Anti-Biden Merchandise Represents No Threat To Anyone

ajuprasetyo / Pixabay

A lot of gun stores and gun manufacturers aren’t fans of the current president. Joe Biden ran on gun control and he’s still trying to push it. He’s bragged about his role in passing the 1994 Assault Weapon Ban that actually accomplished nothing.

As such, he’s pitted himself in opposition to gun rights supporters. That means gun rights supporters are going to put themselves firmly in opposition to him.

That’s led to a number of products with an anti-Biden theme in the gun space.

For one columnist, though, that’s a threat to democracy!

Imagine if a gun shop started selling an accessory for an AR-15 rifle that offered to change the names of the three settings on the firing mechanism from (safety)-(single shot)-(full-auto) to [email protected].

Quite a few people would hit the ceiling. Somewhere, there would be blood in the street. Most likely, the store would face a riot reminiscent of what happened Jan. 6 when right-wing, authoritarian zealots stormed the U.S. Capitol in a fury of treasonous gall now seen as the most serious threat to our democracy in generations.

More likely you’d see a boycott of that particular business. After all, gun rights supporters were far, far more likely to support Donald Trump than any of the Democrats. This is also why it wouldn’t likely have happened. Companies tend to know better.

And seriously, why is it liberals have to bring Jan. 6 into every discussion? They spent months trying to spin burning buildings into “mostly peaceful protests,” but now they hold up Jan. 6th like a talisman and pretend their folks have never gotten rowdy at all.

Anyway, the author continues:

So now let’s turn to a surprising story this week in The State newspaper. Seems like the Einsteins at gun shops operated by Palmetto State Armory are offering a gun accessory for AR-15s with three settings that slam President Joe Biden, not Trump, just like in the imaginary example above.

Protests? Riots? Nope. Reactions are giggles or intellectual disappointment or cries that a business has far overstepped the bounds of decency. But no violence.

Unacceptable. It shouldn’t be this way. We shouldn’t blithely accept such obscene criticism of Biden, much less any president or elected leader. All Americans must take this kind of seditious nonsense more seriously. So shame on Palmetto State Armory for this latest incendiary entry into the marketplace. It’s vile, wrong and highly inappropriate. It further fans the flames splitting our country. It’s harming our system of governance and, if you want to get right down to it, it supports our enemies. If you want to let the Russians and Chinese control the world, just keep it up.

Excuse me for a moment. I’ll keep writing after I get done laughing my ass off at this.

So, we should show respect for the president or the Russians and Chinese win? Oh holy crap, that’s rich.

We just spent four years of our lives watching President Donald Trump be called everything under the sun except a decent human being, and where was this twerp? Nowhere. Nowhere at all, so far as I can see.

Instead, there were thousands and thousands of anti-Trump products on store shelves, and not just in niche shops that generally cater to liberal customers, either. They were available in plenty of places where anyone who wanted them could order them.

And this is called free speech. It’s what makes us better than the Russians or the Chinese. We can say, “F**k Joe Biden!” without fear of prosecution or punishment.

For the author, it’s clear that the problem here isn’t that people are putting stuff on a gun receiver, it’s that they’re blasting a president he likes. That’s the same as it’s been for most who have criticized those same products. They were fine with it when it was all about Donald Trump, but now that it’s not, now it’s a problem.

Of course, this is also how we know he’s full of it about rioting like Jan. 6th, too. After all, there were plenty of products available saying as much about Donald Trump, and guess what? Not one riot. It’s not like they couldn’t find Amazon HQ or anything, either.

If democracy survived (and we’re not actually a democracy, anyway, but a republic, and there’s a difference) then, it’ll survive now.