Hollywood Expresses Outrage Over Rittenhouse Verdict

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With the jury returning a verdict of not guilty on all charges for Kyle Rittenhouse, it’s not surprising there are a lot of people upset. For many, they were told he committed murder and so they expected to see the jury find him guilty. That includes a whole lot of people in Hollywood.


For example, we have Reese Witherspoon.

Now, if things actually went down the way Witherspoon claims in this tweet, she might have something approaching a point. The problem is, she’s glossing over a couple of key facts.

Like, you know, the mob that tried to murder a 17-year-old kid because he was on the wrong side of the line. One rioter tried to grab his rifle and got shot. Another hit him in the head with a skateboard twice before being shot. The third, who was only wounded, testified in court that he didn’t get shot until he pointed a gun at Rittenhouse.

Facts matter.

But Witherspoon wasn’t alone.

If they were so afraid of him, Mark, then why were they chasing him? I don’t know about you, but when I’m afraid of something, I tend to try and keep my distance. For example, I’m terrified of yellow jackets. I’m allergic to them, so a sting can kill me. As a result, I’m not about to chase a swarm of them.


Yet these people did chase Kyle Rittenhouse. That’s not even disputed by anyone.

If they were so terrified of him, why not keep their distance? Why grab for the gun? Why attack him with a skateboard? Why chase him at all?

No, they saw a single person and figured they could mob up and stomp him flat. They may have thought he’d be scared to fire or they believed if enough of them got to him, he wouldn’t have a clue who to fire at. It doesn’t matter, though, because they did.

Of course, I’m used to idiotic hot takes from Ruffalo. He’s a good actor, but he doesn’t know what he’s talking about elsewhere.

The same can be said of The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal who offered this:

Claiming these two were murdered might just make Kyle Rittenhouse’s civil attorneys salivate. After all, if you’re saying they were murdered, you’re calling the guy who killed them a murderer despite what the courts have determined. Sure sounds like libel to me.

But it’s not just actors who had really bad hot takes. Maria Shriver had to offer up her own thoughts:


Allow me to explain their decision for them: “We watched the video.”

This isn’t rocket science by any stretch of the imagination. The video was plain as day. The mob pursued a 17-year-old kid and mobbed him until he had no choice but to open fire.

And really, should a Kennedy cast aspersions on anyone who took a life and didn’t go to prison? At least Rittenhouse was found not guilty in a court of law. Shriver’s Uncle Teddy never stood trial for the life he took.

Honestly, I can’t see how anyone can take actors’ opinions on much of anything seriously. They make their money pretending to be other people. That doesn’t give them any special insight into the law, politics, or much of anything else.

As these examples show, they’re nothing more than anti-gun mouthpieces who will spout whatever the left wants them to spout, even if it’s absolute nonsense.

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