Woman Steals Guns To Pay For Bail

ajuprasetyo / Pixabay

In the world of guns, gun control, gun rights, and violent crime, we see a lot of crazy stories. There’s just no way around it.

Much of what I write, whether it’s about pending legislation or bail reform is serious, even if it just feels insane. They’re not weird stories, even if the motivations behind some political efforts just feel as if there’s no logical sense at work.


And then we run across the stories that really are nothing but bizarre, like this one:

A Mobile woman is behind bars accused of stealing more than a dozen guns from a Mobile County home.

Detectives say Mary Jackson committed the crime because she needed bail money.

“It’s just shocking and you’re violated,” said Greg Thomas.

Thomas owns the 14 guns that were taken. They were stolen from his Grand Bay home last week. He says Jackson, the accused thief had stayed in his home and when he realized the guns were gone he told detectives his suspicions.

“I knew this person and at one time she was a very terrific person, wonderful person and would have never done this, but apparently that is no longer the case, but I’ve seen this before,” Thomas said.

Investigators say Jackson had 17 active felony warrants for fraudulent use of a credit card.

MCSO says Jackson confessed to taking the guns so that she could sell them and pay bail.

I mean, she knew she was going to need bail money, so she decided to go out and make that happen. On some level, I can even respect the motivation. She was going to make sure she could pay for it herself.

But this was probably not the best way to go about taking care of that.

Honestly, stealing a pile of guns so you can make bail? That’s…well, that’s just seriously screwed up.

It sounds like Jackson has gone down a very dark path. Thomas says she used to be a good person who would never have done anything like this, but clearly, she would. How much of it is that he didn’t really know her and how much was that she’s not the same person he knew? We’ll never likely know.


What I can probably guess, though, is that she likely got involved in drugs and has been doing stuff to try and support that habit. That’s how it usually goes, so I’m kind of playing the odds on that one.

Regardless of why she did it, what she did will probably go down in the annals of history as one of the most bizarre reasons to steal guns I’ve ever encountered. Especially since it clearly backfired spectacularly.

After all, now she’s not just needing bail for the credit card fraud, but also for the gun theft as well. If she wasn’t going to be able to make bail on the one, I doubt she’ll be able to make it with both charges hanging over her.

Maybe she should have taken up lawn care as a method of raising money instead?

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