Poll: Americans Increasing Concerned Over Violent Crime

(AP Photo/John Locher)

One of the topics that has dominated headlines all across the nation over the last two years is violent crime. From the moment the George Floyd riots kicked off, violent crime began to spike all across the nation. Despite months of people basically being locked in our homes, we still managed to reach a homicide level the 90s would have appreciated.


While crime may be on the decrease in a number of different places, it’s still an issue.

In fact, it’s a big issue for a growing number of Americans.

An overwhelming majority of voters are increasingly worried about violent crime and, by a wide margin, trust Republicans to deal with it, a new Rasmussen Reports survey found.

A telephone and online survey by the conservative pollster found that 89% of likely voters are concerned about violent crime in America, including 64% who are “very concerned.” In July, 79% were concerned, including 49% who were very concerned.

According to the pollster, 68% of voters now say the problem of violent crime in America is getting worse; 8% think it’s getting better; and 22% believe it’s about the same.

But asked who they trust more to deal with the problem of violent crime, 49% of voters say Republicans, compared with 27% who trust Democrats more; 21% of voters think the two parties are about the same in dealing with violent crime.

That doesn’t look good for Democrats come the midterms next year.


It’s even worse when you look at the partisan breakdown. Democrats tend to think their side is better equipped to deal with the issue (61 percent) while Republicans think they’re best equipped (83 percent). That suggests a lot of Democrats don’t trust their own party to deal with the crime issue.

Most interesting, though, are independents. 49 percent think Republicans are more likely to fix this mess compared to just 15 percent who trust the Democrats to fix it.

You can’t convince me this won’t play a big factor in the midterms. You just can’t.

Especially since there’s plenty of reason to believe this spike in violent crime is a direct result of policies Democrats have supported such as eliminating bail for many suspects and anti-police rhetoric, even in places that didn’t actually defund the police. Plus, let’s not forget how they provided cover for the riots that seemingly sparked all of this.

This is going to come up and a lot of Democrats are going to get hammered over this. In fact, I think they’re going to lose over it, especially since we keep seeing Democrats in Congress simply refusing to address this with anything but gun control.


More and more people are buying guns and will continue to buy them. They’re seeing how difficult it would be for a criminal to walk into a gun store and walk out with a firearm. They know that gun control isn’t the answer to this particular question, but they also see Democrats unwilling to talk about much of anything else.

I won’t be surprised to see a red wave crash over Congress, in part because of the tepid reaction we’ve seen to the surge in violent crime.

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