Biden almost stumbles on truth about gun control

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Joe Biden ran as one of the most anti-gun candidates in history. His only competition for that title came during his primary campaign against some of his competitors who pretty much just focused on gun control…and he gave them a run for their money.

Which is why his comments regarding the Texas synagogue hostage situation recently are interesting.

President Biden, commenting Sunday on the British national who took four hostages at a Texas synagogue on Saturday, said, “This was an act of terror.”

Biden said he will not tolerate the “anti-Semitism that has grown up”; he praised the FBI for ending the standoff with only the suspect being killed; and he wandered into a few comments on gun control, even echoing Second Amendment supporters who say gun bans affect only law-abiding Americans.

Biden said, “I don’t have all the facts, nor does the attorney general, but allegedly the assertion was he got the weapons on the street. He purchased them when he landed.”

“But — and, allegedly, he purchased it (the gun) on the street,” Biden repeated. “Now what that means, I don’t know. Whether he purchased it from an individual in a homeless shelter or a homeless community, or whether — because that’s where he said he was — it’s hard to tell. I just don’t know.”

Honestly, it’s the first time I’ve read comments from Biden about guns that don’t automatically make me roll my eyes so severely I catch a glimpse of my brain.

After all, there’s not much you can do when a British national can land in the US and buy a gun from some homeless person, apparently. More importantly, no gun law can stop something like that.

Which is where I figure Biden and I diverge on this one.

I’m pretty sure that, if pressed, Biden would argue that universal background checks would have somehow stopped this tool from getting a gun. Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure that a guy who went to homeless shelters looking for a gun is someone who probably did so because he knew no one in that community would care who they were selling the gun to.

No gun control will ever actually work so long as criminals are willing to break the law. It’s just that simple and anyone with half a brain knows it.

And Biden was so close to showing that he had at least half a brain for a change.

The problem there is that I just don’t trust him to not spin this toward gun control in any way he can. This isn’t a gun issue and never has been. This is a terrorist act from every indication and the best way to fight terrorism is to treat terrorists like the enemies of this nation that they are.

That means empowering the American people to combat terrorism should they be confronted with it, be it a hostage situation or a potential mass shooting. Restore their constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms and we’ll have the means to stop this.

It won’t stop some random homeless guy from selling a terrorist a firearm, but it’ll mean that terrorist doesn’t find easy prey anywhere in the land of the free.

As it should be.