Seattle lawmakers hope to push for homemade firearm ban

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File

Washington state is interesting. On one hand, it’s a “shall issue” state when it comes to concealed carry, once the mark of a pro-gun state. It also has preemption, another mark.


However, in recent years, lawmakers in the state drank the gun control Kool-Aid.

Now, lawmakers from Seattle are hoping to ban homemade firearms, among other gun control laws they hope to see passed.

Seattle government and business leaders are calling upon the state delegation to address housing, infrastructure and business recovery in the short 2022 legislative session. Meanwhile, the new administration of Mayor Bruce Harrell is going a step further, adding gun control, a statewide bank and other issues to his first legislative wish list in office.

Mayor Harrell also is focused on gun responsibility, noting his support for House Bill 1705, which would limit the purchase of “ghost guns,” or untraceable firearms, frames and receivers without registration or unique serial numbers.

Moreover, she says, the mayor is asking the state to lift a preemption law that bars localities from regulating guns more strictly than the state.

“So for example, could we keep firearms out of parks where our children are playing,” Monisha Harrell said.

In 2012, the Washington Supreme Court ruled that Seattle could not ban guns in parks under the current law.

The deputy mayor did not give other specifics of potential gun policies the administration would pursue but noted: “I think that it’s then up to the cities to be able to have that conversation. But right now, cities can’t even have that conversation. That’s where we are looking for a little bit of relief,” Monisha Harrell said.


Of course, there’s less focus on homemade firearms simply because the media figures no one would oppose a “ghost gun ban.” After all, they’ve spent a lot of time priming people to be terrified that the wrong sort might be making guns in their garages.

For what it’s worth, state lawmakers support these measures, but they don’t really seem to think it’ll come up during this session, particularly regarding the repeal of preemption.

However, with the way Washington state has trended in recent years, it’s only a matter of time for both preemption and homemade firearms.

The problem for homemade firearms, though, is all that will stop are good, decent, law-abiding people making their own guns. Those who intend to make them for criminals will keep building guns.

You’re not going to stop this behavior. When milling machines are advertised to me on Facebook, there’s really not much chance of actually stopping everyone from making firearms.

Homemade firearms are here to stay.

However, I did enjoy the use of the term “gun responsibility” to describe gun control. It’s yet another term the anti-Second Amendment types are cooking up to try and high their anti-Second Amendment agenda and make it look like the only sane option available.


It’s not.

Instead, it’s just the same old, tired, failed policies they’ve been pushing for decades and have yet to show any real results. The only twists are due to changing technology, but it’s still the same anti-rights agenda wearing fancy new clothes.

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