MI Democrats plan to introduce mandatory storage bill

(AP Photo/Philip Kamrass, File)

I’ve never hidden my dislike for mandatory storage laws. Especially since I believe they can result in people being killed. However, Democratic lawmakers, particularly those who don’t represent me in any way, tend to not care what I think on the subject.

Hell, my own congressman–a Democrat–likely doesn’t care what I have to say on the issue.

Normally, this isn’t necessarily an issue. There are plenty of other people who can speak up and dissuade lawmakers from backing mandatory storage bills. If you’re in Michigan, though, you’d better get ready to do some talking.

A group of Democratic state lawmakers is planning to introduce new firearm safety legislation.

Sponsors say the bills would create safe gun storage requirements for households with children. They would also set penalties for when unsafe storage results in injury or death.

State representative Mari Manoogian says the package is more than a response to November’s mass shooting at Oxford High School.

“We have a challenge of gun violence, not just in the form of mass shootings but in these accidental tragedies where children are able to access a firearm that shouldn’t be in their hands,” Manoogian said.

“A lot of critics will say, well, you know, ‘Why do anything because you’re never going to end gun violence completely?’ And I think that’s a ridiculous way to look at this. Essentially, why would we have any laws if it meant that we couldn’t stop violent crimes completely,” she added.

Oh, that’s a nice strawman you’ve built there, Rep. Manoogian.

No one is arguing that such laws won’t completely and totally eliminate violent crime. What we’re saying is that those laws have absolutely no real impact on violent crime, but instead merely inhibit the law-abiding citizens who can no longer defend themselves effectively because of misguided laws.

Like mandatory storage laws.

It’s not that gun control isn’t 100 percent effective, it’s that it simply does. Not. Work.

And because of the failure of all that previous gun control, we get jackwagons like Manoogian trying to push still more gun control, this time in the form of mandatory storage laws.

Luckily, there may be good news. Namely that the Michigan legislature is majority Republican in both chambers. While Democrats can try and push something like this, they have to do so through GOP legislators who aren’t nearly as likely to jump at the opportunity to restrict anyone’s gun rights.

However, it doesn’t mean gun rights proponents can just sit on their duffs and trust the system. After what happened in Oxford, some in the GOP might actually be open to such a law. That is, they might be if folks in Michigan don’t call and email and tell those lawmakers to vote against such a bill.

Democrats can ask for whatever, but that doesn’t mean Republicans should give it to them, especially when it’s an infringement on the basic human rights of the good people of Michigan.

Frankly, I suspect that those who want these laws should get used to disappointment.