Biden slammed over "gun deaths" in first year

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Joe Biden ran for office on a platform that included the most anti-gun positions any presidential general election candidate ever possessed. He wanted to come after our guns and he didn’t make any bones about it.


A year after being in office, though, the president hasn’t accomplished much on that part of his agenda.

It seems his inability to fulfill his promises is upsetting some folks.

Student-led advocacy group March For Our Lives (M4OL), in a statement, said, “We are horrified by the escalating epidemic of gun violence that has continued under his watch.”

“As a candidate, the president pledged to end the epidemic of gun violence, but as our leader in the White House, he has simply tinkered at the edges, rather than coordinating a whole-of-government response that treats this crisis like the emergency that it is,” said the group, which was created by survivors of the 2018 Parkland school shooting.

Of course, the article notes that many of those are suicides, which anti-gun activists have started trying to claim can somehow magically be prevented via things like assault weapon bans and universal background checks.

But let’s be fair for a moment. It’s not like Democrats haven’t tried to pass gun control. Multiple proposals have passed the House, only to flounder in the Senate, hampered by Republicans who recognize how stupid those proposals actually are.

So what does the March For Our Lives Crowd want?

In its statement, M4OL urged Biden to appoint a cabinet-level Director of Gun Violence Prevention to lead the White House’s efforts to tackle gun violence.

“On the President’s anniversary, at the conclusion of one of the most deadly years for gun violence in our nation’s history, we must ask the President bluntly: Mr. President, have you done enough?” the group asked.

Gun violence in the United States has been a chronic social problem that seems to have no solution.


I really can’t see how that would change anything.

A cabinet position without an associated department is little different than any other advisor to the president. All it would do is signal that this particular advisor has a bit more prestige than most advisors.

Honestly, all this does is remind us that March For Our Lives is a group of petulant school children who have no real understanding as to how the government works, how legislation works, or much of anything else.

I hate to defend Biden here, but he’s done all he reasonably can to advance gun control. I’m thankful that he didn’t have enough support in the Senate to make it happen, but it didn’t fizzle because Democrats didn’t try.

For the kiddy brigade to think he simply didn’t do enough is to ignore the reality of our political situation.

Look, understand that I don’t fault them for being young. I fault them for being stupid.

But hey, if the anti-gun side wants to cannibalize itself with the whole, “you’re not doing enough to advance the cause” thing, who am I to stop them?

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