Surge in gun ownership bad for gun control

Surge in gun ownership bad for gun control
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Following the awful events in Parkland, Florida, gun control started riding a wave of public support. People wanted something to be done about mass shootings and the media offered just one suggestion. As a result, people were more than willing to give it a try.


As things settled down, then went sideways due to the pandemic and a surge in violent crime, people started reevaluating things. For a lot of people from all demographics, buying a gun made a whole lot of sense.

And that’s less than great for gun control.

The Economist pointed to the growing diversity of gun owners in America and noted that it is “bad for gun-control advocates.”

According to The Economist, a study by of Northeastern University shows that of the millions of first time buyers between January 2019 and April 2021, “half were female, a fifth black and a fifth Hispanic.”

Moreover, The Economist noted that “the share of black adults who joined the gun-owning ranks, 5.3%, was more than twice that of white adults.”

Gallup’s findings are in line with The Economist’s opinion that the growing diversification of gun owners is “bad for gun-control advocates.”

The Economist also noted that gun owners tend to be gun voters. While it’s not universal, gun owners are far more likely to oppose gun control.

That’s especially true when gun control proponents continually use outdated and bigoted ideas to pretend that gun owners are just a bunch of racist white dudes. This is why this new surge in gun ownership is bad for gun control.

Plus, it proves a long-standing mantra among gun-control activists to be false. That’s the idea that if a bunch of black people bought guns, the NRA would start supporting gun control.

Well, they did. So where’s that gun control support?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.


For the other side of the debate, though, that’s far from the worst of the problems. New gun owners often help create other new gun owners. As more and more minorities buy firearms and become familiar with them, they’ll introduce their friends and families to gun ownership.

And there’s not much the gun control crowd can really do.

Most single-issue special interest groups have picked a political party to side with. For gun control, it’s clearly the Democrats, and so they have to play Democratic politics, which means treading very carefully with minorities.

That likely means simply pretending they’re not gun owners for as long as they can get away with it.

But that also means ignoring how gun control laws tend to disproportionately impact black neighborhoods or how so-called criminal justice reform does the same thing.

They’re kind of in a tough spot here and I have absolutely no sympathy for them. They made their bed, in part by pushing a narrative that everyone on this side of the debate is a cruel racist who just wants to see black people dead.

Well, now they get to lie in it, especially as some of those black people bought guns because of that rhetoric.

Personally, I welcome and all into the fold.

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