NJ Gov. Phil Murphy commits to reintroducing gun control

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy commits to reintroducing gun control
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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has never met a gun control proposal he didn’t approve of on some level. Of that I have absolutely no doubt.

However, his last attempt to push more gun control on the state didn’t go so well. He likely had the time, but it seemed there wasn’t a lot of political will to rush the bill through the legislature.


That was, in my opinion, an interesting development.

Yet Murphy wasn’t going to let that little hiccup stop him from inflicting more draconian gun control on the state.

With the newly sworn-in legislature beginning to hold its first committee meetings this week, Gov. Phil Murphy today recommitted to pushing for a package of gun safety bills that faltered in the lame duck session.

Last month, Murphy made a deal with Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin (D-South Amboy) to pass a third package of bills that included banning .50 caliber weapons, requiring those moving from out of state to register their guns, and mandating safe storage of firearms. Yet Murphy never seemed to get buy-in from now-former Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-West Deptford), who was skeptical of many of the bills.

Of course, it should be noted how idiotic all of those proposals actually are.

First, let’s talk about banning .50 caliber weapons. Now, I get that they scare people because, well, they’re big guns. However, because of their size, these weapons aren’t really used in crime, except in the movies. They’re too big for that sort of thing.

While I can’t find data on homicides by caliber, what I have found shows that these are far from the most common firearms used by the bad guys.


So why ban them? Why would that be where Murphy focuses his attention?

There are a couple of possible answers, and without being able to peer into Murphy’s mind, it could be any or all of them.

One possibility is that they’re just scary. They’re big scary guns that make people very uncomfortable unless they’re familiar with firearms, and that’s enough for Murphy.

Another is that while many claim these guns are useful to terrorists–despite no terrorist in the United States using such a weapon–the truth is that they’re very beneficial to those who wish to resist tyranny in the United States and that makes people like Murphy wet their pants.

Or it could be something completely different. I don’t actually expect Murphy’s motives to make any sense when it comes to guns, mostly because they haven’t yet.

As for his other two proposals, requiring registration when someone moves into the state and mandatory storage, neither are really enforceable.

I mean, are the state police going to park on the border and search everyone moving through the state to make sure they register their guns? Of course not. Even if they could get away with it, they just don’t have the resources for that.


Instead, it’ll basically be the honor system, which means those who are moving there for a couple of years will likely decide not to even bother registering anything. Folks will live there a few years, then move and New Jersey never be the wiser about the gun collection they had the whole time.

And mandatory storage laws are popular, but they’re not really enforceable either. Not until after something happens, anyway.

All mandatory storage laws do is blame victims for being victimized. It’s not the kind of thing we’d tolerate in any other aspect of our lives, but Murphy wants to push it through here. He’s not the first, of course, nor will he be the last.

He’s just the latest to try and push this and other inane gun control laws on the population.

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