Anti-gun activists want national gun violence office

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

President Joe Biden ran for president in part on an anti-gun platform. While that issue didn’t get much play in the general election, it did in the primary and Biden made his position on the Second Amendment perfectly clear.


Now he’s in office. He’s trotted out numerous proposals and backed a number of anti-Second Amendment bills, but it seems that’s just not enough.


The problem with this, of course, is that it won’t really do anything.

Oh, Biden could do it, but what would it really accomplish?

The Trace is correct that presidents create such offices all the time, but how often does it actually accomplish anything beyond what could have been done otherwise? Honestly, it sure doesn’t seem like it does.

I mean, things happen after such offices are created, but they usually are things that were going to happen anyway.

What these gun control advocates are asking for isn’t really anything that will do much. They simply want Biden to signal his virtue so they can pat themselves on the back for making sure he’s taking the issue seriously.

Meanwhile, they still can’t explain how, if access to firearms is the problem, did we get where we are with no laws changing? We went from record lows to near-record highs in homicides.

Nor can they explain how gun control is the answer when most violent crimes aren’t committed by someone with a gun.

That seems like something they should figure out before they start going off about how the president needs to create a special office to address something that they themselves don’t seem to actually understand in the first place.


I expect that if the pressure gets bad enough, Biden will capitulate and give them what they want. He’s the sort who will do such a thing, after all.

But the last thing anyone should do is expect it to accomplish a blasted thing besides waste time, money, and resources.

Which is kind of the MO for Democrats anyway.

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