Seattle report shows crime trending upward

Seattle report shows crime trending upward
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The city of Seattle is not in a good place at the moment. Most major cities aren’t, but Seattle has some real problems.

No, not just people who are upset the CHOP isn’t a thing anymore.


They’ve got real problems. In particular, as a new report shows, crime is soaring in the city.

The top brass from the Seattle Police Department on Tuesday presented a 12-page report to the Seattle City Council that depicted troubling crime trends in the city.

Between 2020 and 2021, overall crime is up 10 percent, violent crime has increased 20 percent and property crimes are up 9 percent, according to the information shared with the council.

The largest increase in property theft is motor vehicle parts and accessories like catalytic converters, up 79 percent.

The violent crime rate reached a 14-year high in 2021, shootings and shots fired calls are up 40 percent.

“This year our trends are already not in a good place,” Interim Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz said.

You think?

Of course, we already know Seattle is having trouble hiring new police officers. Now we find out that the coverall crime rate is skyrocketing even over 2021 rates.

Yeah, that’s definitely not what I’d call a “good place” by any stretch of the imagination.

Meanwhile, let’s also remember that Washington state has passed a number of gun control measures in recent years, measures which were claimed would reduce crime.


If ever it were going to do such a thing, now would be that opportunity. However, those laws didn’t. They never do and never will.

Instead of interfering with the actions of criminals, those gun control laws have simply made things more difficult for law-abiding citizens throughout the state.

Crime is higher than a Denver pothead but do any of the legislators who supported those measures speak up and say, “Maybe we got it wrong” and try to fix the problem? Nah.

If anything, they’ll double down and say the problem is that they didn’t go far enough.

Meanwhile, crime in Seattle will continue to increase. It’ll continue to increase because the city has managed to do everything wrong. They allowed things like the CHOP to exist for way too long, they capitulated to demands to defund the police, they demonized their law enforcement, then wondered why they can’t hire more law enforcement.

All while embracing and supporting all those gun control measures that haven’t actually accomplished a damn thing. It’s insane. It truly is.


However, one thing we can trust Seattle to do is to ignore the real issues they’re having and continue pushing the progressive party line that’s been shown not to work. That’s because voters in the city aren’t interested in what works, only what allows them to feel like they’re good people.

If a few thousand folks have to die for that particular cause, then it’s a price they’re willing to pay…just so long as it’s no one they know, anyway.

Sacrifice is for other people, apparently.

If Seattle wants to fix the problem, start by not demonizing your police and by working to empower law-abiding citizens to defend themselves.

I doubt we’ll see that happen.

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