Democrats are pro-gun now?

Democrats are pro-gun now?
AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda

Anyone who has spent much time on social media has likely come across the leftist group OccupyDemocrats. As their name implies, they’re big fans of the Occupy movement that shut down Wall Street a while back and also lead to the CHOP in Seattle a couple of years ago.


They’re not exactly what we might call “moderate Democrats” by any stretch of the imagination.

Unsurprisingly, they’ve had issues with gun rights in this country, as the archives of their website clearly illustrate.

But that was then, this is now. In the now, we have Russia invading Ukraine.

As noted, the Ukrainian government handed out a pile of AK-47s to any citizen who wanted one to fight the Russian invasion.

It seems OccupyDemocrats is now in support of armed citizens.

So now citizens with guns are a good thing?

How long ago did we hear from people like them telling us that our AR-15s would be useless in fending off a modern army? That they’d be ineffective against tanks and jet fighters?


Now, Ukrainians are facing a modern army with tanks and jet fighters and OccupyDemocrats are tripping over themselves to praise armed citizens.

It’s absolutely hilarious to see.

I’m not alone in thinking that, either.

Pushaw is completely correct, of course. If Ukraine had a Second Amendment, people would have been armed long before and would have known how to use those guns. The Ukrainian government could have more easily provided additional training so they could integrate into the defense plan without needing to worry about arming them.

But they didn’t and so they ended up handing out AK-47s like free pizza.

It almost made me wish I were Ukrainian for a minute there.

Of course, OccupyDemocrats doesn’t stand for all Democrats. Frankly, too many of the things they say are too extreme for most Democrats to stomach. However, if the more extreme wing of the party is celebrating armed citizens, one could only assume some of the more mainstream members of the party are at least fine with such a development.


If so, though, why do they support armed citizens half a world away and not here in the United States?

Look, what we’re seeing in Ukraine is part of why the Founding Fathers wanted the Second Amendment in place. Even with a standing army, there’s always the possibility of someone bigger storming across the borders. They wanted us to have the means to defend this nation from foreign aggression.

Ukraine didn’t have that and so they had to scramble. They likely didn’t get enough guns in civilian hands to make enough of a difference, not at this phase, at least. They simply didn’t have time because they thought of citizens as being untrustworthy to possess such weapons.

Now, they’re regretting that decision.

Yet now it seems Democrats are seeing what happened, praising it, while still working to take some guns with superficial similarities out of our hands because we can’t be trusted.

To call it hypocritical is something of an understatement.

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