Kansas lawmaker's latest anti-gun push ridiculous

Brett_Hondow / Pixabay

If we divide the nation up into pro-gun states and anti-gun states, Kansas is going to be one of the former. There’s not much doubt that the state isn’t a fan of gun control, having been the first to try to legalize machine guns made in the state.

It didn’t work out, but I respect the effort.

However, like anywhere else, not everyone there is a fan of gun rights. Some have pushed for gun control for years, and now they’re using a school shooting to push for it again.

Kansas state Sen. Cindy Holscher is no stranger to debates over gun rights and firearm safety.

The Overland Park Democrat has unsuccessfully pushed to ban concealed weapons from the Capitol and make unsafe gun storage a crime. As recently as Wednesday, a Senate committee held a hearing on a bill she is sponsoring that would require police to confiscate guns from people convicted of domestic battery.

But on Friday, Holscher was shaken. A shooting at Olathe East High School, her son’s school, had left three people injured.

“I’ll never be the same after this,” Holscher said. “You see the reports. You hear the things that go on in other places, but until you’re there standing on that sidewalk looking at that school waiting to hear from your child, I mean, it’s the worst feeling ever.”

The shooting at Olathe East on Friday lent fresh urgency to the push for stricter gun laws in Kansas — a cause that has experienced repeated defeats in recent years as the Legislature has loosened restrictions on firearms.

Except, it hasn’t, and it’s ridiculous for the media to claim that it did simply because they think it’ll make for good copy.

See, the shooting in question was carried out by an 18-year-old student. He allegedly displayed a handgun in the school office before opening fire.

These are important points.

You see, 18-year-olds cannot lawfully purchase handguns. Firearms are also forbidden on school grounds in the state of Kansas.

Did those laws actually manage to stop this student from shooting three people? No? Well, of course it didn’t. Why would it?

After all, if mere laws were an impediment, then the bans on shooting people would be more than enough. Since it’s not, then maybe it’s worthwhile to look at other alternatives, rather than restricting the ability of law-abiding people to defend themselves.

But that would be difficult and anti-gun lawmakers in Kansas or anywhere else prefer to look for easier options they can tout as solutions despite them failing pretty much everywhere.

Then again, what do you expect from ghouls who look at violent crimes like this as an opportunity to restrict the rights of ordinary Americans?