Florida county bans guns in student cars

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Most people don’t think about high school students having guns. I mean, we do, but we realize that mostly they’re guns the parents bought and provided for their kids. Most parents keep a fairly tight control over those firearms, too.


But that’s not always the case. If someone is 18-years-old, they’re legally adults. There are a number of things they can lawfully do at that point they couldn’t do before.

And that scares the hell out of some people.

Now, one Florida school system is trying to deal with that fact.

Students in Escambia County are no longer allowed to keep guns in their cars on school campuses.

The school board approved a 90-day emergency order to stop students, mainly seniors, from keeping guns inside their cars on campus. In that time period, they will discuss a permanent policy and vote on it at a later meeting.

A stolen gun found in a Tate High School senior’s car earlier this month is sparking this conversation among school leaders.

Wait…you’re telling me this new rule is coming up because of a senior who was already breaking the law by being in possession of a stolen gun?

And they think yet another rule is the way to keep this from happening again?



Any lingering feelings I had equating schools with intelligence are now well and truly gone.

I mean, when I first read the headline of the story, I was going to make some quip about how it was just a shame that this wasn’t in place in Broward County before Parkland because it was sure to have stopped that, but the truth doesn’t need such a comment.

This is just stupid.

When I was in school, it wasn’t unusual to look in the parking lot and see guns sitting in the back of pickups. I won’t say a ton of them, but only because we were a small school. You saw plenty, though, and do you know what we never saw?


We never saw a school shooting. Not a one.

Hell, no one ever even got threatened with one of those guns.

I’d love to say that I lived in a better, more peaceful time, but I graduated from high school during the peak homicide rate years of the 1990s. It wasn’t.

But it was still never an issue, much like how I can’t see this as being an issue.

“A student had a stolen gun in his car!”

Yes, it’s much better if he kept his stolen guns at home, but don’t worry. People with stolen guns are notoriously law-abiding and will totally respect rules that ban their stolen guns from school property.

My wife wonders why I have so many headaches. Stupidity like this is why. It’s hard not to have headaches when the idiocy drives you to slam your head on a desk for hours on end.

Escambia County has the power to do as they wish, at least for a little while. However, I’m not interested in feeding into their delusion that they’re accomplishing anything.

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