GA Democrats claim constitutional carry favors criminals

GA Democrats claim constitutional carry favors criminals
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As a Georgia native, I’m thrilled that constitutional carry is soon to become an official thing. We’re just waiting on Gov. Brian Kemp to sign the bill.


However, for Democrats here, it’s just shy of Armaggedon.

That’s rather clear by a tweet put out by Georgia Democrats on Tuesday.

Ah, “criminal carry.” That’s cute.

It’s also incredibly wrong.

First, understand that criminals have been carrying firearms concealed without going through the permitting process since permitting first began. Before that, they carried regardless of what the law actually was.

See, criminals don’t care what the law is. They’ll carry a gun because they want to carry a gun. It’s really just that simple.

Further, constitutional carry doesn’t actually cover criminals. People must be able to lawfully carry a firearm in order to do so under constitutional carry.

“Oh, but without a permitting requirement, police can’t ask for permits,” someone might counter.


Well, I hate to break it to you, but absent probable cause, police in Georgia can’t ask for permits anyway. This is before the bill is signed.

As a result, seeing a couple of people walking down the street, a police officer can’t just roll up and ask to see a permit because he thinks they might be criminals. This came up during the pandemic, as a matter of fact. The state attorney general actually argued before the court that probate courts’ inability to issue permits wasn’t a huge issue because police couldn’t ask for permits without that probable cause.

So, again, permitting doesn’t let police ask to see permits to make sure everyone with a gun is law-abiding.

And since criminals are going to carry regardless of what the law is, how is constitutional carry actually “criminal carry” again?

Of course, it’s not.

What’s more, Georgia Democrats know this. What they’re hoping, though, is that everyone else doesn’t know it. They’re hoping that people who are ignorant of the laws as they currently stand and will think that permitting makes a difference.

It doesn’t except to penalize law-abiding citizens.

Granted, getting a permit in Georgia isn’t as bad as it is in many other states–despite state Democrats’ best efforts–but it still requires one to travel to the probate court, plop down the money for a permit, pay for the privilege of being fingerprinted, then waiting until the court lets you know that your permit has arrived.


All of that creates a situation where some simply can’t do it, especially if they can’t afford the fees for the permitting process.

You know, the poor people Democrats are always claiming they care so much about.

Of course, anti-gun Democrats don’t care about poor people who value their Second Amendment rights. They don’t care about anyone who won’t sit there and vote Democrat like a good little drone.

Yes, there are pro-gun Democrats. There aren’t many, but there are some, and they’re not who I’m talking about here.

I’m talking about those who will pretend permitting will do some good while also ignoring the harm permitting causes the economically disadvantaged.

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